Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 14, 2017

Email: Some interesting perspective from your old post

I was looking for the afore-mentioned post of yours, where I thought you described BotW before skyward sword. Turns out it wasn’t you, but was rather one of your readers describing where he thought Zelda Wii would go. He talked about Mini-dungeons and more exploration/adventure in the overworld.

But, what I did find, was this old post of yours. It seems to be the one where your first found out Aonuma hated the original LoZ.

What I find so interesting here is the big picture this post from the past provides. The direction of Skyward Sword was cemented and Fujibayashi stayed the course. BoTW, then, was able to break the cycle of Aonuma Zelda. Fujibayashi didn’t have that bias against old Zelda. When Skyward Sword sold less than Wind Waker even though it was on the Wii, he had no devotion to the Aonuma formula. In fact, his favorite game seems to be the original! Aonumas influence seems to be limited to the NPCs and story; Beedle and the Dye shop owner are straight from Wind Waker, yet there’s no character cameos from any other game, unless you count the Old Man.

I never bought Skyward Sword so I haven’t truly played it in depth. Same with Metroid: Other M. I already know it is a turd, I’ll skip it. Life is too short. Readers tell me, sobbing over their lost time, over these terrible games.

I also never bought a 3DS or a Wii U, yet somehow kept this page going through that generation. That’s not easy to do!

It’s clear Aonuma has limited influence with Breath of the Wild. He wasn’t even allowed to put in a ‘message to his son’.



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