Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 14, 2017

Nintendo Switch sells 1.5 million units

In other words, Switch sells out of its launch units.

“But why does this matter, Malstrom? Sure, the Wii sold the same at this time, but so did the Wii U!”

There is one critical difference between Switch and Wii and Wii U. Wii and Wii U launched during the holidays. The Switch launched during March.

THAT is what is noteworthy.

Did you know that EVERY Xbox system launched during the holidays?

Did you know that EVERY PlayStation launched during the holidays?

Why is that? Why don’t console manufacturers launch during the non-holidays so the early-adopters can be satisfied? The answer is because they are too scared.

To answer those who are saying there is ‘nothing to see here’, that is incorrect. The fact that Switch sells so well when it isn’t holiday season is very significant. Analysts are noticing this too. So is the Game Industry.

The hardcore gamer? No. The hardcore gamer is sooooo stupid, they are trashing the Switch and Zelda for irrational reasons. They cannot say Switch is ‘destroying gaming’ like Wii did with Wii Sports. So what are they going to say? They can’t say shit.

Did you know that the PS4 STAGGERED its launch? The Switch didn’t.

“Why are we turning this into a competition? OMG, pls stop!” says the hardcore.

No one is doing that. We are just looking at numbers… all the numbers. But the hardcore are scared to death of their beloved PS4 (haha) being overshadowed. Of course, it is overshadowed. PS4 is Generation 8. Switch is Next Gen. PS4 is a generation behind… an obsolete machine which is why the PS4 Pro is coming out since Sony is scared PS4 players will switch to PC gaming.



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