Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 14, 2017

Starcraft 1 Remastered coming?

Here are the rumors.

I’d get it, if true. I would get it for the MULTIPLAYER, not for the single player. Starcraft 2 is amazing at one thing: single player campaigns.

I beta tested Starcraft 2 and played it throughout all its expansions. It DID get the attention it needed when it was released. Why was the game not fun? To make the complex understandable, I will point to two things.

ONE: The Zerg, which is really what Starcraft is about, was radically changed in Starcraft 2. In Starcraft 1, the term ‘zerg rush’ became famous. In Starcraft 2, Zerg are a reactionary race. Starcraft 1 Zerg is so much more fun.

TWO: Base management really, really sucked in Starcraft 2. For Zerg, you had to time the Queens to inject the hatchery at the right time to get maximum larva as well as expand the creep. Protoss had warp boosts. Terrans called down MULES.

The issue wasn’t the APM, the issue was what the APM was being used on. Starcraft 2 required high APM just to manage your bases! Starcraft 1 doesn’t. All that extra APM goes into army micromanagement.

The problem with Starcraft 2, as well as Heroes of the Storm, is the game director making terrible, terrible decisions.

I would love to see Warcraft 1, 2, 3 be remastered especially the single player campaigns. Warcraft 3 is still an extremely awesome game. I wonder if the Remasters would fit Blizzard’s concept of making ‘smaller games’.

BTW, Master Malstrom is in the Starcraft 1 credits under the term ‘Old School Kali Boys’. Kali preludes We helped Blizzard test out patch 1.2 for Warcraft 2 after all.



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