Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 18, 2017

Email: Switch and Saved Data

Greetings Master Malstrom,

I am excited to hear Zelda BoW “WOW!” is so good. It’s as if we (mainly you) had a hand in bringing this about through this blog and the emails.

Sadly, I don’t have a Switch yet. I’m finishing up my last semester in college right now, and my budget’s pretty tight. I very well could do it, it’s just going to be a difficult choice. With less time for games these last couple of months (on top of classes I have a girlfriend and social life is super-active), I’d usually just say wait for it. But darnit, I’ve been waiting for a REAL Zelda it seems like forever.

I won’t totally break the bank if I do it. In fact, I’m graduating debt-free (the BEST way to get through school, and the way I want to stay for life).

One of my primary concerns before making the jump and buying is Nintendo’s stupid software policies. Why do they have to make it so complicated?? I want to know my saves are secure when I play a game:

The saves might be secure enough, but… this does not give much reassurance. Funny, Zelda revolutionized simple saved games on console. Now that Nintendo releases a massive Zelda that’ll take more hours to complete than any before it, they double down on stupid with their save system.

The Switch’s hardware issues are forgivable. I expect Nintendo will have a sleeker, better model a year or two from now that will address all those issues for a cheap upgrade trade-in price. And Nintendo is good about fixing things if you truly have a defect.

What is unforgivable is how outdated their digital software policies are. I bought several hundred dollars worth of Virtual Console games on the Wii. I wish I could bring all of them over to Switch, but that ain’t happenin. Nor will I have them tied to an account so they’re easily recoverable when my Switch dies.

Regardless, I want that Zelda. And I want Skyrim, MineCraft (with local multiplayer), Splatoon, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Pokemon, etc.


If you remember with the Wii, the Virtual Console games could originally only be saved on the half gig internal storage. Nintendo had to patch it to allow VC games to be stored on external cards. So a future patch is not out of the question for the saved game data.

I think the issue is not allowing people to hack the Switch which is why saved data is confined to the hardware. With the upcoming online plans, I suspect Nintendo will allow saved data to be moved to another Switch if the user ID is the same. We’ll see.

I lost tons of VC games when my Wii died. This is why I only buy physical on the Switch. The carts are great.

I have 35 hours in Zelda, and I have only beaten the first dungeon. The game is great. Meaty Zelda. Instead of past Zeldas where the core was Aonuma’s turds of NPC story and puzzles with sprinkles of classic Zelda magic, you have it flipped. BoW is mostly classic Zelda magic with Aonuma’s turds of NPC story and puzzles sprinkled around. This is the most challenging Zelda since Zelda 2. You will die, and you will like dying.

I’ll play Zelda this weekend (been working too much). Soon, I’ll do a full write-up on Zelda BoW where we go over what worked and what didn’t. It will be far more substantial than just ‘old man yelling at Aonuma clouds’. You will see!



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