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Email: The Shrines in BotW are pure Aonuma extract

I’ve never really agreed with you about puzzles in Zelda, despite you ragging on them and Nintendo gushing about them I never really noticed them. “Puzzles” in Zelda were just small things in dungeons you’d do to progress. I never really considered stuff like shooting an eye with an arrow to be puzzles, even when the puzzles were obviously puzzles like the ice block puzzle in Snowpeak Ruins they were just a small part of the complex maze of rooms known as a dungeon. Not so in BotW’s shrines, they are literally single puzzle rooms all with the same aesthetic not at all mini dungeons as some have claimed. I haven’t actually been to one of the actual dungeons in BotW yet but from what I hear they are pretty much slightly bigger shrines much smaller and simpler than usual Zelda dungeons. I love the overworld in BotW but I can’t help but nag myself with the thought of how much better it would have been if the shrines were mini dungeons in the vein of bottom of the well in OoT.

The shrines I don’t have a problem with except for them all sharing the same aesthetic. The shrines I DO have a problem with are the ball-rolling using gyro which doesn’t use Link at all. It could have been done in any game. Those ‘puzzles’ should have been cut as they have no connection to Link’s gameplay. It would be like a shrine be about playing Hangman or Jeopardy (this brings one a brilliant idea of a video parody). Why not have a shrine be ‘Wheel of Fortune’ gameplay?

I think what you see in traditional dungeons is the ADVENTURE. Adventuring is soooo good, it is amazing what it masks. In traditional Zelda dungeons, the adventure of going through them is what you saw. You didn’t sense the ‘puzzles’.

But when you take away the adventure, you are left with the ‘puzzles’. Is this fun? Is this gameplay you like?

How about this! How about we bring back adventure to the dungeons but leave out the puzzles. It’d be like the extension of the overworld into the underworld (with no teleporting)! Wouldn’t that be cool? It’s how every RPG has done it since 1980.

I’m not far in Zelda, but I feel like the ‘dungeons’ are like Voltron of puzzles. Voltron was about five mechanical beasts that go together and made ‘Voltron’. After the DLC, there will be five ‘beast’ mechanical puzzles which I suppose lead to the ‘voltron’ of puzzles: Hyrule castle.

Above: Optimus prime narrates the voltron intro

I want real dungeons, not this Puzzle Voltron crap.

What I REALLY want is an Underworld. Oooohhhh. Imagine an Underworld with physics and all like BoW’s overworld.

I also want caves and cave networks.

And why can’t I climb in the shrines or dungeons? So lame. It’s like it is a separate game.

I think it wasn’t puzzles you liked in Ocarina of Time, it was the adventure. If you were in love with the puzzles, you would be hating BoW’s overworld (as some people seem to be doing so hahaha. They are Little Aonumas!).

PS- one missed opportunity was to have the mechanical beasts move around the map. Right now, they are just passive things but only active during ‘story’ (from what I’ve seen). If they roamed the overworld and you couldn’t transport to it, imagine the fun in trying to get back to the dungeon once you’ve left. It would be like the airships from Super Mario Brothers 3 which would fly to another part of the map challenging you to come after it!



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