Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 18, 2017

Email: The Value of Wii U

Master Malstrom,

I loved Nintendo as a kid. After owning a PlayStation, I got the GameCube. Then I was super hyped when I got the Wii. Grew disinterested with the company’s games and turned to XBox 360 until I eventually became a nongamer for a number of years. Then your site informed me of the wonders of classic games, so I bought and played a ton of great games on the VC.

I skipped the Wii U because it had few games that interested me. Was tempted to bite with Smash, but not much else pulled me in enough. Now the Switch is coming out with the Zelda killer app, and the console is absorbing ALL the Wii U’s greatest games with ports and sequels.

I figured this out when I did a pros and cons comparing the 2 consoles (cuz Wii U is marginally cheaper than Switch and still has BoW “WOW!”). It’s telling of the console’s quality that I literally have no good reason to pick up the Wii U for any of its games now that the Switch is out.

The only games that I’m a tad sad about missing are:
1. Nintendo Land (played this a ton on my friend’s Wii U. Great party game)
2. Mario 3D World (2d Mario’s great, I just like 3D Mario too. Still, I don’t replay those games much when I’m done with them, and Mario Odyssey’s on the way)
3. DKC Tropical Freeze (these games already get ported a ton. I expect a sequel to outmode this too).

Everything else that seemed unique to the Wii U did not help justify the cost of the system. The Zelda ports will likely be ported again sometime. Pikmin 3 is… Pikmin. Star Fox Zero is a bad rehash of SF64 with a nice co-op mode.

Nintendo is smartly bringing everything of value from Wii U to Switch. We all know Nintendo developers will be forced to make a 2D Mario for Switch and likely will bring Mario Maker to the console. Due to Switch ports, Mario Kart, Smash, Splatoon, etc. are all strong Wii U games that will not be a draw for classic game collectors who are mainly concerned with getting the definitive versions.

In the future we will look back at Wii U and think, “Huh. There aren’t many games here.” N64 may be similar, but at least that console had a few phenomenons on it that are still interesting to tinker with today. The Wii U is garbage. I’m glad Switch is getting the good stuff and moving forward with new games.

It’s been tricky to figure out the value of the Wii U as a collector’s item. Since Wii U’s are limited in number and is Nintendo software and hardware, it SHOULD have a high value. And currently, Wii Us are not cheap. But… The games are on discs (moving parts are not good). I think what kills it is the Gamepad. The Gamepad is not high quality. Nintendo’s handhelds do not retain high market value like the home consoles do. I think it is because no one wants to play with the old Gameboys.

Don’t bother with Wii U. Get a Switch. Switch has carts, not discs. Switch also has a future, and it will be getting much more software soon.



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