Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 21, 2017

Email: Oracle Zeldas

Greetings, Mr. Malstrom.

I saw your post about only the first 5 Zeldas being the real ones, and I realized something intriguing: you usually criticize Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker and everything that came afterwards, but you never mention the Oracle zeldas, made in 2001 for the Game Boy Color.

I think you might enjoy at least one of them. Specifically, Oracle of Seasons. The reason is that, back when those games were released, Miyamoto and Aonuma said this about them: Oracle of Ages was made to reflect the style of new zeldas, while Oracle of Seasons, old zeldas.

I’ve beaten both games and I agree with them. Ages is a celebration of Aonuma Zelda. It has long stretches between dungeons where you have to talk to NPCs, play mini-games and solve puzzles to move to the next dungeon, and the dungeons themselves have very convoluted puzzles (though I do like zelda puzzles, so I loved that game). Seasons, on the other hand, is all about combat. It tends to launch higher numbers of enemies against you, requires better dodging and fighting skills, and the bosses involve more sword fighting skills than using the dungeon item to solve a puzzle (like in Ages).

It’s not difficult compared to the NES Zeldas, but I’d say Seasons is about as hard as LttP. Also, both games use the same engine and controls as Link’s Awakening, which you seem to like.

And I find it interesting that, back in 2001, Nintendo had such a clear view that there were two kinds of Zeldas, to the point that they made two different games to reflect each one, like they were presenting two styles for the player to choose from. Though we know what style they ended up choosing eventually.

I am not married! No ‘mister’ for me. Single guys are called ‘masters’. I am MASTER Malstrom. (When a guy gets married, he is no longer the master!) It is like Ms. and Mrs. for women.

It has been a long while for those Ages games. Didn’t Capcom make them? It is clear that Nintendo is doing what they do intentionally. The problem is that it doesn’t sell. They were so pissed off that NSMB Wii would sell so much and Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 didn’t.

I am curious if they are going to be pissed off at Zelda Breath of the Wild.

You might assume the next Zelda game would be building on Breath of the Wild’s success, but I know Nintendo. They will declare themselves geniuses which means ‘we get to do whatever we want’. They will make a stupidly absurd or return to Aonuma Zelda. Forgetting Majora’s Mask which was Aonuma’s baby, Wind Waker came out after Ocarina of Time.



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