Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 22, 2017

Email: Ball Zelda

Yea, I’ve only run into one shrine with ball rolling maze. I eventually got pissed off, ran into the maze then tried to blow up the ball. Somehow, the ball flew out of the maze directly into the goal. A friend of mine just turned her Switch upside down so that the ball would be on the flat side. She had an easy time rolling it out and made me feel incredibly stupid for missing that solution. At least I got lucky (in the game).


There are more!

Image result

“I love puzzles, Malstrom! I just love them!!!!”

We know… we know… *sigh*

The shrines don’t bother me aside from the motion controlled ones. What really bugs me is the stupid Goron shrine. Fat goron blocking the shrine. WTF is this shit? Game wouldn’t let me access shrine in any other way. No, you MUST play the minigame. Fuck you, Aonuma!



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