Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 22, 2017

Email: The Real Value of the Wii U

Master Malstrom,


At least that’s what Amazon is offering to take it off of your hands, best number I could find. Really not that bad for me at least considering I got it refurbed for $200 from Nintendo. If any readers are looking to pick one up cheap, I’m warning you now- all the games worth having are on the 3DS or the Switch. I guess in hindsight Nintendo has been ready to merge their console and handheld libraries for much longer than just recently because any half decent Wii U game ended up on the 3DS within the year it came out. If you’re a reader who’s feeling like a fool for having already picked one up, I would look into this online trade-in thing sooner than later because I’m already seeing trade in offers for $100 and less. If you’ve got some time to spare it might be worth looking into selling it directly to a buyer on your own, but I know at least for me there are better ways to make another $20 for less time and effort. It says a lot about the console that the only real value it has is what money you can get in exchange for it. Even my 3DS I still play and know I’ll be playing for a long time, if only to also play DS games and emulators once the OS updates stop rolling out. At the very least the Wii U taught me to watch and wait before you pull the trigger on a console, even late in it’s lifespan.

I don’t want a Wii U but I can see how they might become collector’s items one day. I just want ports of NSMB Wii U and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.



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