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Email: I Totally Agree About Zelda

Hi Master Malstrom,

Is it worth anything to say that I agree with you and your emailers? I don’t really like to email you because I fear that it will prove redundant or otherwise moot as well as wind up just saying something plain old stupid…8 I know that you’re a busy man.

However, lately, you and your readers/emailers have been slamming down some really good points about Zelda that have me thrashing in my chair, saying “yyyeeeeeeessssssss!” and after reading those discussions I felt that I just had to say something.

That story about the redead encounter that one emailer told is the same as mine, 1:1. I thought they were NPCs! I miss how Zelda use to have scary enemies like these.

That whole email, “The Enemies Missing in BOtW”, is great. I agree with everything it said! I have not played Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild yet, but I’d been watching lots of videos and I, myself, began to wonder about the enemy variety and, sure enough, it is lacking according to what I read from others. Iron Knuckles and Darknuts are my favorite enemies. Zelda hardly does legitimate sword battles anymore. I use to keep saves just before a battle with one of these just so I could do them over and over!

I really like the idea of bringing directional combat back and expanding on it. I always loved directional attacks in (3D)Zelda. I see you as influential, so when you stated that everything in that “Sequelitis” video about Ocarina of Time is true, which stated the directional combat as being too complicated, I think that Nintendo might back away from the idea. However, others writing to this site, pointing out spaces where it could work, gives me hope.

I really like the idea of a mobile dungeon that walks all around the map. It would be extra cool if the dungeon continued to travel with you inside (if it doesn’t already do this), traveling even to places you might not have been to and being able to look out of windows and see where it’s gone After you beat or get kicked out of the dungeon somehow, you could find yourself stepping out into an unexplored area.

I’ve always loved the idea of an Underworld and cave systems for Zelda too. It would be extra nasty down there! Imagine finding a whole Dark Souls-like world beneath the surface of the overworld! Dank, scary, ugly… The most foul of beasts would be down there too. Some places could be nicer looking like castle/temple basements and whatever. I loved those “lantern caverns” in Zelda: Twilight Princess. Especially the one at Lake Hylia, it was the biggest.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the map expanded even more with the greater of the map being on the other side
of a giant cave similar to the first Zelda’s map being a small portion of the Zelda ii map?

I’ve been wanting these things in a Zelda game for a long time. I’m disappointed that Nintendo never  ent the Shadow-of-the-Colossus route with the bosses. Which is what I’d imagined for Zelda before that game was even around (or at least before I’d heard of it).

Nintendo did plan this for Ocarina of Time, but the N64 couldn’t handle it, Shadow of the Colossus beat them to it and Nintendo shied away from the idea, apparently (even though they claim that Megaleg in Super Mario Galaxy fulfilled that original desire for them… …THEM). Sometimes I wish that Nintendo would focus more on doing great things rather than just things that are new…

So, I guess that’s it. I really just wanted to say “ditto!” to all of the recent posts about Zelda.

Anyway, bye.

PS- I think Nintendo made a mistake staying so quiet about all of Zelda: BOtW’s details. I had to actively pursue “spoilers” just to make this game barely seem wort it! All they really brought attention to was “ooh, open world”, “you can cook” and Bokoblins!!! I don’t remember hearing any juicy details about the game from them! When the game came out, I still knew nothing! How does it play!? What kind of areas will we find in this “open air” game? We can pick up enemy weapons? Then show me some of the more interesting enemies. They didn’t even show any epic battles!
Nintendo should have told us that those centaur enemies would be back. Nintendo should have showed a laser-sword-and-shield-wielding enemy to hint that I might be able to get those weapons (I guess they did do this when they posted a screenshot of a small guardian that had one)! Think about it: If you’re never played a Zelda, How are you suppose to be convinced that you should play this one? Because of the ugly anime look? Because of the cinematic trailers that didn’t showcase the gameplay well? The story isn’t even really interesting! WHY SHOULD I BUY THIS GAME!?!? AND I’M A ZELDA FAN!!!

What do you think? Is it just me?

Reading between the lines, I was confident enough to pre-order Zelda and Switch on January 13, 2017 when the Internet was still pessimistic about Switch. Nintendo takes a while to reverse course of a ship, but when it reverses it, it goes full team ahead. Keep a careful eye on Metroid. After Other M and Federation Force, everyone is thinking Metroid is dead. But it only takes one game. Next Metroid may blow us away as Zelda BoW “Wow!” did.

Also, why the hell are you watching videos on Zelda when you don’t have the game? Stop that! Don’t spoil yourself. Perhaps I feel so behind in Zelda because gamers who have more time have already finished it while I am not even halfway done with 55 hours in. I still forget there are those who cannot get a Switch or Zelda.

My advice: go replay the old Zelda games. You won’t want to replay the old Zelda games after BoW “Wow!” I think BoW “Wow!” makes every Zelda game obsolete including Link to the Past. Zelda 1 and Zelda 2, though, still survive in uniqueness. I’d rather replay Zelda BoW “Wow!” instead of any post Zelda 2 game again. The thought of playing Link to the Past again, which I have been doing consistently for decades, bores me now.

While you may hear griping about Zelda BoW “Wow!”, you should know that it is an incredible game filled with volume. This is perhaps one of the best single player games ever made. I feel it is on a equal level to compare to the legendary classics of Legend of Zelda or Zelda 2 or even the Ultima games.

I don’t want my email to build up so I put it out there. When people put the word spoilers in the email subject, I just delete it! hahaha.

I have only defeated two dungeons and I have 55 hours in Dungeon with 30ish shrines out of 100 (?) done. I can tell you that this game is the real deal.

Every criticism I have had with Zelda over the decade has been answered in Breath of the Wild. Sure, there are puzzle bunkers and puzzle dungeons, but none of that can stop this juggernaut of an open world. This isn’t just the best or one of the best Zelda games ever made, it may be one of the best video games ever made. No one will disagree that Breath of the Wild deserves gold cartridge treatment. I keep trying to find things to criticize in it, and you can find things to criticize if you look for it, but the point is that I have played 55 hours of this game with no sign of stopping.

I am beginning to suspect the replay value of this game is going to be nuts too. Imagine a replay where you go different way off the plateau. I certainly will do that!

To those of you who don’t have Zelda yet…. oh man. You guys can hear the sizzle but cannot taste the steak. I went in this game skeptical and cynical, as someone who is tired of playing video games, and this game feels as fresh as a rose. Do you remember playing Zelda when you were bright eyed and young? Those days await you again with this game.

Above: The lines for this commercial would be perfect for Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

And the Lynels (Centaurs) are awesome with neat AI. They just stare at you if you approach. If you draw out a weapon, they immediately attack!

I am 55 hours in, and there are enemies that I am too scared to fight because they mow me down. Guardians and Lynels still slaughter me. It takes a long while to get strong enough to tear down some of these enemies.



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