Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 25, 2017

Email: Virtual Console on Carts

Hello Master Malstrom,
What’s your opinion on this?

​Do you think this can be trend?
More “old” and “forgotten” games should arrive on Switch in cart format?

It is like the collection discs of Generation Five and Six. (Final Fantasy Anthology, Mega Man Collection, Mega Man X Collection, Sonic Collection, etc.)

I like these collection packages and prefer their physical releases over buying digital games one by one. They make great collector’s items too!

However, I haven’t seen them do anything to push console momentum. I would like to see Square put out new stuff on Switch. Collection packages, especially during the launch period, aren’t that good.

I have those Mana games on original hardware, so I don’t have much demand for just those three games. But those games are getting pricey on original hardware so it may not be bad to have more supply.

What I badly want to see on Switch is a Shmup Collection Package like PSP and Vita had.

Oh, be still my heart! Gradius Collection! Yum!

Check this one out for the Saturn: Salamander Deluxe Collection. Ooohhhh.

Shmup games are just so ridiculously expensive these days. We need more supply!

How about a Treasure Collection? Radiant Silver Gun, Ikaruga, Guardian Heroes, Gunstar Heroes, + More.

I would like collection packages of games that are physically hard to get.

Konami should do a Castlevania Package:

Castlevania NES box art.jpg

Vampire Killer MSX.jpg

Castlevania II Simon's Quest.jpg

Castlevania III Dracula's Curse.jpg

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Super Castlevania IV

Dracula x (j) front.jpg

Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance.jpg


Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow Coverart.png

Portrait of Ruin.jpg

Castlevania ooe front cover.jpg

Castlevania SOTN PAL.jpg

That is all the 2d Casltevania games I can think of. Would you buy a collection that included the above games, reader? With that Castlevania show coming on, you’d think Konami would put out a Castlevania collection. Such a game on the Switch would sell gangbusters.



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