Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 26, 2017

Email: re B.O.T.W. progress or lack thereof

Dear Sean,

I can assure you that you are far from alone in your ‘lack of progress’ where B.O.T.W. is concerned.

I am 120+ hours in yet have only revealed about 40% of the map, to the best of estimation, and am still yet to tackle my first dungeon.

Now, admittedly, my natural play style is rather methodical and I am endeavouring to max out an area as much as possible before moving on to a new area tower but this is slow going even for me.

This game is so full of content however that I feel one would be doing both oneself and the developers a great disservice by rushing through it to ‘beat’ it, if I may use that curious hardcore gamer phrase.

I am glad that you are enjoying the game so much.

Let us both continue to savour the journey and not fret about the destination :).



P.S. Future Nintendo software has a very hard act to follow! If Mario Odyssey manages a similar quality….Mama Mia!

Back when the Wii launched, I kept saying we need games with more content. This confused Nintendo. I recall Reggie saying, hesitatingly, ‘more content’ as if The-Unfortunate-Person-At-Nintendo-Assigned-To-Read-This-Blog told him to say that. To Reggie, content meant ‘games’. More content meant more games. Zelda BoW was what I was talking about. Perhaps a better word for it would be VOLUME.

I was doing the scenic route, but I wanted to get more powerful. I’ll be returning to those earlier areas but with some muscle now.

I would like to be finished with Zelda BoW “Wow!” before Mario Kart 8 Deluxe hits. I don’t know if I’m going to make it! And I have a month! hahahaha



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