Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 26, 2017

Got Master Sword

60 hours in.

Finally got the Master Sword.

37 shrines completed so far.

I even went exploring inside Hyrule Castle.

Above: Treasure awaits in Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle is EXACTLY how the dungeons *should* be done. No puzzle bunkers here. Hyrule Castle has many routes through it, and it is funny that I can climb over stuff and go spiderman throughout the spires. It was very challenging to get to Zelda’s study. There are no ‘puzzles’ except what we want such as ‘using Magnesis to uncover hidden doors in the library’ or ‘use bombs on cracks on wall’. The castle is filled with nasty monsters and mini-bosses. I love it! Imagine how disappointing Hyrule Castle would be if it was nothing but a puzzle dungeon like the divine beasts.

I am getting the hang of combat. It isn’t that combat is hard, it is that there are so few times to use combat because of all the puzzle dungeons. In the overworld, you can easily avoid most enemies.

I like the Master Sword’s unique ability. Is it supposed to become twice as strong inside the castle?

Some tips for new players that I wish I knew:

-You can EXPAND your inventory (swords, shields, and bows). To do this, talk to a giant korok that is outside Kariko Village along the road. Using korok seeds, you can upgrade your inventory. Upgrading your inventory for melee is very important because you will want to hold all the melee weapons you can (because they break all the time!). I missed the Macarena Korok because I rode into Kariko Village on an out of control horse. I bet most players missed him due to riding a horse (why else is our first stables before Kariko Village?).

-Getting fire lizards suck. The trick to getting them is to WALK to them. Do not run. If you walk, they stay in place, and you easily pick them up. You will need many fire lizards in this game. Remember this.

-Bring lots of arrows to the Giant Elephant when you leave the Zora town.

At 60 hours with two dungeons down and Master Sword, I feel like I am halfway done with this game. There is much grinding ahead though it shouldn’t be seen as grinding. This game is such a turf game. You want to clear out ‘areas’ before moving to another. I probably should go back to the early areas and clear out all the side quests.

I am 60 hours in and this game keeps getting more fantastic. The good news is that Nintendo knows how to make dungeons we want with Hyrule Castle. The question is will Nintendo give us those dungeons? Imagine if all the dungeons were like Hyrule Castle!!!!! This game would be even better!



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