Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 27, 2017

Email: Re: Master Sword and progress

And wasn’t that the most satisfying unlocking of the Master Sword? I had to try three times to get it. Getting to it was fun as well, there being multiple ways to find the path. As always though, it would have been even cooler if they added danger. The atmosphere would have gone all the farther if there were enemies.

It’s great that you’ve been to Hyrule Castle. Very happy that you mention the bookcases. A secret bookcase captures the essence of what old Zelda “puzzles” were about. I approached Hyrule Castle in several runs, I ended up making use of the armor you get around the Elephant.

There’s reasons to believe that the DLC dungeon won’t be another Divine Beast, though some sheikah tech dungeon might happen. I may be foolish, but I hope for another Hyrule Castle. I truly do believe that while puzzle bunkers will stay around, Puzzle dungeons aren’t making a comeback anytime soon.

When your spoiler embargo ends, I’ll follow up on enemies, what’s missing, what could be improved. If the Unfortunate Nintendo Employee assigned to your site lead to BoW “WoW!”, then perhaps you and us readers can help them reach even higher. If BoW “WoW!” has mastered the sense of adventure, the next Zelda’s​ must master inevitable​ danger, which they show glimmers of here.

Danger and tension… to whom? The hardcore gamer? The housewife? At least with this open world approach, the player can define their danger.

BoW “Wow!” is overstaying its welcome. I feel I make no progress even if I do things in the game all day.

It seems like traveling in this game is WAY too slow (perhaps intentional) which is why activating the shrines and towers are so useful. I spend more time teleporting to one place to another, watching the loading screen, than actually traveling through the world. Once I get to a shrine, I only teleport back. I never walk back.

As such, the game has awe and wonder at the beginning because you have to walk everywhere. But later in the game, everything shifts to teleporting to one spot to another. The world disappears to the loading screen. There is no reason to travel the world in shrines and towers you’ve already done.



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