Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 27, 2017

The Presentation of the Zelda Dungeons

Everyone agrees that space was at a premium during the gaming days of the 1980s. But why did Zelda I and II make a ‘grand entrance’ for its dungeons/palaces? Each dungeon had them. We had to waste time going through them back in and back out again.

Yet, no one complains about this ‘bloat’. When people do not complain about something, I notice.

Image result for zelda 1 dungeon entrance

These ceremonial parts do a good job of presenting the dungeon to you. they give the dungeon a sense of mystery and dazzlement.

I’m so tired and cranky, I shouldn’t answer any more email. But this above point was on my mind.

Someone at Nintendo thought it was very important to put those entrances in. Why? It serves no gameplay purpose. I thought Nintendo was ‘gameplay is everything’.

With Link to the Past, we stopped getting these ceremonial entrances. And I think the game suffers for it.



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