Posted by: seanmalstrom | March 28, 2017

Email: Cartridge to avoid

You mentioned that, with Switch going cartridges, you would want to buy all of them simply because they are cartridges. Well, I believe you need to blacklist some games:
Basically, some shitty companies are releasing a game in cartridge that will still require a 13GB download, killing the whole point of using a cartridge.


The truth is that the Game Industry is trying to push everything digital. You buy a disc and have to download more of the assets.

Consumers will put their feet down to end this practice. But when?

I see Switch carts as the last bulwark against this practice. Gamers are too savvy to buy physical when practices like this are done.

I only buy physical carts for Switch that do not require Internet to run (unless it is online multiplayer). If a game doesn’t do this, it can go fuck itself.

Blaster Master Zero can go fuck itself.

Shovel Knight can go fuck itself (until it goes physical).

No physical, no buy!


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