Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 3, 2017

Email: I’m starting to hate Shrines

They’re lazy, puzzle filled pockets of the game that break the experience. Nintendo fed us some bull about technical limitations stopping the creation of a seamless world, that BotW finally does that but those shrines take that away.

You’re right about the dungeons needing to be integrated into the world. It’s like they only got half of the game right. We shouldn’t have the good weapons and old tunics and things hidden behind amiibo’s. I can accept them as keys for unlocking stuff easily and constantly, but not solely. We should be going through 120 dungeons of various lengths and complexity to get things like the Biggorons Sword.

I really figging hate that amiibo’s are just physical drm keys. They sold keys as toys, hid content behind them and gave us aonuma puzzles instead. This game could have been far greater. it’s not bad, it’s mostly fine. It just seems like it was held back and only halfway done because of the puzzleboxes. They threw ppuzzleboxes into our glorious sandbox. Everyone loves the sandbox, but those puzzle boxes are hit and miss. Just expand the sandbox Nintendo.


What did you expect? This is Nin*en*o w*ere ….. *****


“Hello. My name is Aonuma. I have taken over the Malstorm blog because this email upset me greatly. My puzzles are ingenius. Have you not played the masterpiece called Marvelous? It is marvelous!

“The reason why Breath of the Wild is selling so well is because of the puzzles. Everyone can’t wait to rush to the shrines. And those dungeons! Did you know that you can tilt the bird to the left or right and changes occur in the dungeon! So marvelous! Tee hee! Wait for the DLC so you can have more puzzles!”


Damn that Aonuma. Every now and then, he will take over the blog like that. I wonder where Miyamoto is at….


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