Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 4, 2017

Yay to barcades!

Bring it back. Bring it all back!

Listen to this quote:

Rolfe offers a different take on the alcohol component to this new breed of arcade: “Many gamers try to remain 100 percent sober and focused on the game, especially with all these challenging classics like Donkey Kong. Maybe that’s another reason why drinking and gaming haven’t co-existed as much before. Now it’s an enterprising novelty.”

Who are those gamers who refuse alcohol because it might interfere with their Donkey Kong skills?

Those would be our good friends, the Hardcore Gamerz.

Yes, the hardcore are so amazing, so skilled, that they miss the forest for the trees. Games are to be fun, not to be an olympic sport. Drinking while playing Donkey Kong is what it is about. Someone taking their video game so seriously is a ‘stick in the mud’. It is like someone taking the card game so serious, or someone taking their golf game so seriously.



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