Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 8, 2017

Interview on how Switch was made

Go read it. It is long but good.

Koizumi​: The Switch was developed in full secrecy, so although it was frequently subject to internal testing, there weren’t many chances to have a wide variety people try it out. So we were very concerned about the kind of impact it would have on the average consumer.

During the January 13th announcement, I sensed (and could see in the stats) a huge crowd on the other side of the screen coming to this page to see what I thought. I knew our good friends, the game analysts, were there (they always stop by from time to time). Nintendo was probably there too.

I still can’t believe the reaction to that announcement. The Internet exists as a cult and is very herd-like (or that many people are afraid to say something contrary). The reaction to Switch software was ‘dead on arrival’, Wii U ‘2.0’, ‘launch-line up was absolutely terrible’. Pre-orders went up soon afterward and then disappeared. Those that bought into the hardcore reaction regretted it as it became very difficult to find a Switch. For fun, I even posted emailers’ reactions before I shared my own (which was very positive). Ultimately, I think Bomberman ended up disappointing, but Zelda blew my socks off. The launch line up is actually quite good. I already have a backlog of Switch games (mostly thanks to Zelda never ending!).

What I cannot understand is why the hardcore gamers, the gaming cults on the Gaming Message Forums, who spend all their time breathing gaming, cannot see the future of gaming AT ALL. The attacks you see on the Switch now such as ‘this is an aberration’, etc. has really nothing to do with the Switch. It has everything to do with that person not believing he has no talent for seeing the future of the market.

Obviously, Nintendo has that talent or else there would be no Wii or Switch. But they have to do it in secrecy so they can’t gauge a wide reaction. No wonder Nintendo was nervous!



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