Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 14, 2017

NES Classic Discontinuation and the Switch Virtual Console

Master Malstrom, I hope you are well.

I think Nintendo can be given a pass on discontinuing their NES Classic Mini on one condition, and that is the presence of the best damn Virtual Console service possible on the Nintendo Switch. The two services would be in competition, but it’s money in their bank either way.

I think it’s absurd that Switch didn’t launch with Virtual Console or equivalent ready to go. It is either further repression of their back catalogue – i.e. their legacy – or they have something spectacular ready to roll out soon.

Nintendo underestimates its own IPs’ potential, so I can really only underestimate Nintendo at this point. Switch was a welcome surprise, but I’m on the fence til VC news. I won’t buy it just for Zelda.

I wish I didn’t have high hopes for the Switch Virtual Console, but I do.

All the best to you.

You guys are going to keep being disappointed until you see how Nintendo looks at its old VC games.

VC games, to Nintendo, are not a product but a ‘wild card’ tool.

Oh no! 3DS is in trouble! Lower price! But what about those early adopters? Declare them to be ambassadors and ‘give them’ all these ‘free’ VC games. See? VC games as tool.

Oh no! Wii U has no games as the system fades! Therefore, Nintendo launches VC games on it. VC games are a tool, not a product.

On Switch, the purpose of VC games will be to push Nintendo’s online system. Watch and see!

Nintendo will never sell VC games this early in the console launch because they want you to buy third party or first party games.

“What about the Neo Geo games on Switch?” This is a good question. It looks like Nintendo is trying to help out SNK. Why are there Neo Geo games on the Switch? Did anyone ask, “Man, I demand there be Neo Geo games on my new console!” No one said this.

Anyway, I will get Blazing Star when it comes out.

Above: Way better than Western AAA gaming!



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