Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 15, 2017

Game Industry in crisis!

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Above: When Malstrom speaks, the women look on and marvel. All is how it should be.

Switch sales are killing it! Faster than Wii! In a non-holiday period! And Zelda has a 100%+ attach rate.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present you the IMPLODING CONVENTIONAL WISDOM.

The Game Industry isn’t too bright. All they do is recycle conventional wisdom which is the sewer of gaming message forums.

This is the conventional wisdom:

DS and Wii weren’t really popular game consoles. They only sold due to CASUAL GAMERS. This huge CASUAL GAMER boom was the beginning wave that would lead to the Smartphone and Mobile Gaming wave.

3DS and Wii U sales were down because the CASUALS have moved on. They have their smartphones now. Who needs Nintendo?

Because of all this, NINTENDO WAS GOING TO EXIT THE CONSOLE MARKET AND BEGIN MAKING GAMES FOR PLAYSTATION SYSTEMS. You know they thought this. They were soooo angry when the first indicators of Switch high sales came in. In fact, there were many people in the Game Industry who wanted poor Switch to fail. Currently, they are twisting their mustaches and shaking their firsts at the sky at the turn of events.

But why is the Switch selling so well? Where did all these Switch customers come from? We know they are buying Zelda BoW “Wow!”.

The Game Industry has no answer. The Gaming Message Forums have no answer.

For once in my lifetime, the hardcore message forums are quiet. They have absolutely no response to the Switch juggernaut. Who is buying this system, guys? They don’t know. They just spew out shit on the Internet, declare themselves great, and go on and on.

What if the DS and Wii success had little to do with CASUAL GAMERZ? What if the Seventh Generation and Eighth Generation occurred more like how Malstrom said?

You guys got the Switch wrong. Dead on arrival my ass.

You guys got the 3DS wrong.

You guys got the Wii wrong.

You guys get everything wrong. Yet, you blather on the Gaming Message Forums in an air of authority about how the future is going to be.

Regardless, it is time to kill the idea that ‘casual gamers’ were responsible for the DS and Wii. Hardcore gamers need to accept that there are tons and tons of former gamers out there… people who have stopped playing video games.

They are my people.

Until the Game Industry does an exorcism and gets rid of the ghost of ‘casual gamers creating the DS and Wii success’, they will be unable to digest the Switch success. They will just sit there, stunned.

I guess only Casual Gamerz bought the NES. It’s not like anyone bought the NES for Mario and Zelda. OH WAIT THEY DID. So why is it inconceivable that people would buy another console for Zelda?

“But Zelda games have come and gone, and there has been no significant hardware push.”

This is because of Aonuma and his crap. When Zelda is allowed to be Zelda, you get the results you are seeing with the Switch.

Casual gamerz are not the reason why Nintendo consoles succeed! Repeat it, far and wide.



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