Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 15, 2017

Switch sells 2.4 million in March

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Above: At first, the Small Bull…

Venturebeat: Superdata says Switch sells 2.4 million units in March…


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But what did our good friends, The Analysts, say about the Switch when it was launched? Let us hear their words…

SuperData estimates that the Nintendo Switch will sell 5 million units in 2017, so effectively its first 10 months between March 3 to Dec. 31. They cite that it may be difficult to penetrate a market as a “second console” for many players, given the combined ~79 million install base of the PS4 and Xbox One.

The report cites a “high starting price and lack of strong launch titles”

Superdata [Source: Forbes]

Poor Switch! Doomed already!

Atul Goyal at Jefferies says Switch has a 50-50% of succeeding… Take a look at the Cnet video!


Surely those who live and breath games all day would see this coming..

“Dead on arrival”

Neogaf consensus

Michael Pachter declared: “Sales beyond the first year will be affected by third party software support; the underpowered Switch is unlikely to attract much,”

Ladies and gentlemen, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until the Big Bull. It will come.



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