Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 16, 2017

Email: Namco Museum Collection has Tank Force!

I am really excited for the Namco Museum collection because it has Galaga 88.
But there is one game I am also really looking forward to and it’s Tank Force.

A while ago wrote to you about the game Battle City that was never released in the West but was a fun 2 Player game.
Tank Force is a sequel to the Arcade Version of that game with a 4 Player Multi Player and it’s a lot of fun.

Some Gameplay:

Considering The Namco Museum Collection might also get a physical release (it is listed with a physical cover on Nintendo’s website)
This might really be one of the best games on the system.


You see, reader? The emailer knows I’m not shitting around by noticing Galaga ’88 in the Namco Museum (such a great game!). It’s worth buying just to get a physical version of Galaga ’88 in cartridge form. I don’t think this has been done since Turbografx 16.

Tank Force looks really cool. It looks WAY BETTER than AAA Western Gaming.

Add in Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug… what a great package! All on cartridge! Yum!

I’m hoping Switch brings us another Golden Age of gaming with its tasty game cards. So far, the library is hit and miss, but all libraries are like that.

I’m hoping to have 80 Switch games when the Switch lifecycle is complete. Give me a reason to buy your games, Nintendo! Already have FOUR. Seventy Six to gooooo!



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