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Email: Gerudo area reeks of Anouma

I finished the game already but the Gerudo area does have a lot of things that annoyed me.

First you can’t ride your horse in the desert which is stupid. The other areas made sense because they were in rocky mountainous areas but having a horse in the desert would make traveling those long empty expanses so much easier.

When you were in the Gerudo city, did you see that there’s a school where Gerudo women learn how to “be a good wife?” They’re learning how to cook and such. Surprised no SJWs threw a fit over this. Then again they saw “Oh yeah girl power village!!! Whooo!!”

The Yiga clan hideout is the worst. I like to think Anouma was put in a special room and was told to design his dungeons while the rest of the team focused on the rest but he saw the Yiga hideout and was like “NO STEALTH SECTION.” And it’s easily the worst part of the game plus it’s required if you want to get the divine beast.

1) You can’t save. This is stupid. If I cleared that first room, let me save instead of doing the whole place over.

2) Forced stealth. You compared this to Wind Waker but at least with Wind Waker it was early in the game and you lose your sword so at least it makes sense. Here you have all your weapons but…

3) Stupidly hard. The Yiga’s if you don’t manage to sneak up on them take forever to go down despite the fact that at this point I was taking down Guardians, Lynels, Hinoxes, the giant desert worms. You’re supposed to lure them away with bananas, sneak up behind them and stealth kill them which is satisfying when it works but…

4) Cheap insta death. This reeks of Anouma, These guys can insta kill you and get a game over with Anouma saying “NO!! Do it MY way!!” Also the elephant ability that revives you doesn’t work which is straight up bullshit. At one point I was cornered by four and I pelted them with bomb arrows and they went down.

The boss of the hideout is a joke. I was so happy BoTW no longer had boss fights that involved waiting around forever for but that was lame.

Even worse those big Yiga guys eventually show up in the overworld and are super easy to take down when they act like they’re supposed to.

Good news, after the final boss, you’ll be happy to know that not having the four Zords to blast Ganon only makes the final boss a little harder so if you decide to replay, I bet you could skip the Anouma dungeons and do just fine.


About that boss fight from the hideout, I nuked him with bomb arrows during the second phase and depleted as much health as I could. But I couldn’t do any more damage! No, you actually HAVE to have the thing fall on his head at least once during the phase in order for it to trigger to another phase.

So stupid!

So Aonuma!



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