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Email: Nintendo wanted to save face

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I keep trying to wrap my head around why Nintendo would even release this NES classic in the first place. They are not acting like they want to make money with it at all. This thing is a steal at $60. They could have sold it at say $99, and it would still be sold out everywhere. On top of that the NES classic phenomenon is not really like the Wii phenomenon. There was really no way to know how popular Wii Sports would be before it released. But with the NES classic, Nintendo has all of that Virtual Console data. Also they released a 2d Mario anthology a few years ago and that sold out really quickly. They have to know how popular these games are.
The only thing I can conclude is that Nintendo released this console out of desperation in order to save face. The only decent thing they were selling last Christmas was a relatively new Pokémon game. The Wii U was basically an abandoned console. Nintendo didn’t want to have an embarrassingly bad Christmas, so they released a console that they knew everyone would want. Now that we well pas the holiday season, and the Switch is selling well, they can discontinue the NES classic and hope everyone forgets about the whole thing.
The one thing they underestimated though is how popular the NES classic would be in a physical form with an original style controller and HDMI port. Those old NES consoles won’t play on new TV’s. As a result, the Ebay price for an NES classic right now is about $300. The nuts thing is that the Switch is not sold out everywhere. I can go to some Gamestops in my area and buy a Switch for $300. But the NES classic always sold out literally the second the store open every time any store got a new shipment. So, for a lot of people like me the Switch and the NES classic are exactly the same price. Don’t get me wrong. I am loving the new Zelda game. But the new Zelda game doesn’t negate how insanely popular the NES classic is.
Nintendo is not behaving like a company that wants to make money on the NES classic. Instead they are behaving like they afraid all of their new stuff will be overshadowed by their NES games.


Nintendo said they were surprised how popular NES Classic was to younger generations.

It’s clear NES Classic was put out since Nintendo had nothing else for the holiday. The discontinuation of NES Classic should be raiding people’s curiosity about what Nintendo’s true intentions are if not money.

One thing I have to give Nintendo credit for is how they have maintained the value of their early games.



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