Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 22, 2017

Email: Aonuma Style

The emphasis in the email below is by the emailer.

Hey Master Malstrom –

So – after finally prying the Nintendo Switch from my son’s hands for a few hours, I’ve FINALLY had a chance to mess around with BoW… …you’re not kidding when you append ‘WOW!’ to that title. Holy crap – I’ve spent several hours on this game already, I don’t think I’ve covered more than 10 millimeters of the map, and I’ve accomplished almost NOTHING!!! And yet, I can’t put the damn thing down!

Anyway – that’s not why I’m writing you as I’m sure you’ve had enough Zelda impressions to last a lifetime, at this point. The reason for this email is because, after finally having an opportunity to engage with the Switch I decided to check back on your blog and get a fresh look at your current mindset (when last we spoke, you were spewing FIREBALLS at Nintendo!) – and as expected, like me, you have a much more positive outlook. Distrustful, yes – but optimistic, which is cool and very much in line with me! The post that really hit my ‘funny’ the hardest though, was that one with the Aonuma Style video – oh man, I think I’ve watched that video about 250 times now!!! It just so PERFECTLY describes everything wrong about the direction Zelda has gone over the past few decades and I can’t help but laugh my ass off, every time I restart that video!

While doing my daily refresh of that video though, I happened across this gem:

Here’s Aonuma attempting to play Majora’s Mask on a 3DS (a game he created), and failing at it miserably! Oh my, this might actually be funnier than the other video – there are an inordinate amount of nuggets to be derived from this clip, but nothing more telling than watching this idiot fail time and time again for five minutes and then have him end the video with “It works better than you’d expect” – the ultimate lack of self-awareness. He not only doesn’t have a clue what ‘fun’ really means, but he SUCKS as a gamer and is in utter denial about how CRAPPY his games really are!

You’ve said, “Developers don’t make games for gamers, they make games for themselves” probably more times than I can ever count – which really is a profound statement, on so many levels… …and here we have evidence of a guy who can’t even play the damn game, he created for himself! If that isn’t proof of how much he sucks, then I don’t know what else would convince you.

Keep up this FANTASTIC blog! When it comes to analysis of the video game industry, I have found no better resource that is as informative as it is, entertaining – so, thank you!!!!! GREAT WORK!!!!

That video of Aonuma being unable to play his own game is hilarious. I’m glad you enjoy the blog.

Here is some Aonuma Style for you! (And no, people, I didn’t make this video! I don’t know how to make videos. That is why I make a blog.)




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