Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 23, 2017

Beaten Zelda Breath of the Wild 90 hours 65 shrines

I climbed on top of the Hyrule Castle and came in from above hahahah. Sure enough, there is a Korok seed on top. What I like about Hyrule Castle is that you can use all your abilities there including climbing. Fantastic place, that Hyrule Castle.

Above: Music to the best ‘level’ in any Zelda game. The level (not the music) surpasses Zelda 2’s Great Palace in awesomeness.

Fighting Calamity Ganon occurred as I would expect it with one thing I didn’t suspect: the abilities you gain from completing the Divine Beasts, not the lasers themselves, are pivotal for the final battle. Even the updraft you get from Rito is, by far, is necessary to hurt Ganon. I spent more time running around in circles waiting for the stupid abilities to refill themselves than I did anything else!

Because of this, I consider the Final Battle to be a Big Fail. It is overly complicated, not very satisfying to fight, and too much reliance on the ‘special powers’ and not on my own wits and preparation.

About 2:50 of that video is what I imagined the Final Battle to be. Calamity Ganon is Tetsuo from Akira. The children helping you are the Divine Beast spirits. Keneda shooting beams of light from his motorcycle is Link shooting beams of light from his horse.

The Final Battle is style over substance and is a tribute to anime. The final blow is complete in that style. Very disappointing.

There was no Triforce at the end. Only a mural on the wall in the castle. No Triforce! And this is a Zelda game? Where is the Triforce? Why is the Triforce barely mentioned at all?

I think of Old Spice at the Final Battle where “I’m on a horse” comes to mind. How did I get here? Why am I on a horse? Nintendo: “Style over substance.” “It’s anime time.” Apparently so. So lame. So disappointing to an otherwise incredible game.

The ending is lots of piano and risk-lessness. I was hoping Zelda would sacrifice herself or something. But that would be taking a risk. Does Zelda even give you a kiss? Nope. She keeps ordering you around. It’s not like you returned from the dead, traveled the world, tamed the four Divine Beasts, and destroyed Ganon. No. You are still a servant. Fuck you, Zelda! And your bad voice acting!

I’ll need time to digest the game more.

I do want to return to Hyrule and complete some things. Perhaps I’ll take up the DLC since this game is worth $80 for the value it gives.

Hyrule Castle is amazing because everything you’ve done in the game, all your preparations, are in play. Calamity Ganon is such a letdown because your preparations don’t come into play in that battle aside from the Divine Beasts. The final final battle is a joke where it is a lovefest to anime in complete style over substance.



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