Posted by: seanmalstrom | April 28, 2017

Email: Trouble ahead for Sony and Microsoft

Master Malstrom,

I was reading this Forbes article and for the most part it had the usual “blah blah Switch is underpowered and can’t play AAA Western games blah blah” until he got to a very interesting point in his thoughts:

“Maybe a few can cross over, but the majority won’t, and the Switch will almost certainly be 95% The Nintendo Show, as usual. That’s fine and could definitely work out for both them and Switch owners, but that nagging longing is still there that either Sony and Microsoft should be doing this too, or that somehow these games should be able to brute force their way to Switch, even if in reality it’s nowhere near feasible.”

It boils down to this point earlier in the article: “I want to play all the games like this. ALL the games.”

It’s dawning on a few people that Sony or Microsoft should be doing this or wondering why for all the horsepower they have they don’t.


The next generation of children grew up playing mobile. If you go to game forums like NeoGaf, it is full of threads of old geezers who say, “How do I find time to play when I have a real job and/or family to take care?” Young people do not talk like that.

Sony is going to make a successor to the Vita or they are going to slowly exit the console business. The home console has become obsolete by the Switch.



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