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3d is dead! 3d is dead!

Kotaku: Nintendo says goodbye to 3d

3d TVs are dead as last holdouts of Sony and LG abandon the market

Let us go back to the 3DS unveiling… the beginning of Generation 8:

Above: Nintendo continues the work of Euclid and brings 3d to the masses! Look at how arrogant Nintendo was then and how off the market they were.

Iwata admitted he was not a genius like Yamauchi. Iwata had to look at market data, he had no intuition for the market. The 3DS and Wii U show this.

The 2DS XL is an attractive product that even has my eye, gentle reader. There are some 3DS games that I would like to play. Unfortunately for Nintendo, there are not 6 games I have to have for it due to all the 3d crap in the library. I can think of NSMB 2 and Zelda: LBW and that is it.

Miyamoto and Iwata even laughed at Yamauchi when he said that the console was a box people bought to get to a game. Why, they would put in software and capabilities to make the 3DS attractive by itself! See that widescreen top screen? People would buy 3DS to watch 3d movies! The arrogance of Nintendo built up from the Wii and DS successes knew no bounds. Only here did you see a thumbs down on the 3DS and the ‘OMG 3d!’. Wii U was universally panned when it was revealed. But Switch was panned everywhere, declared ‘dead on arrival’ at places like NeoGaf, but not at this site where Switch was said to have two bulls, small bull at first and large bull later, whose sales trajectory was predicted to mimic the DS. I still think this is the case.

But it just amazes me how some people cannot see something so simple. “OMG it has 3d!” Did that work for the N64? For the Gamecube? It almost destroyed Nintendo as a business by destroying their handheld market.

One reason I think Nintendo was so blinded by 3d is because that is what the developers, like Miyamoto, really want to do. The market be damned! It isn’t like Nintendo stopped making 2d Mario for decades after 3d Mario appeared (despite 3d Mario selling much, much less).

I was really scared Nintendo would go, “Now is the time for Virtual Reality!” and make NX be a sequel to the Virtual Boy. Miyamoto still publically thinks the Virtual Boy was wonderful where it didn’t succeed because of those damned ‘marketers’ not doing their job.

Above: Inside a secret test room inside Nintendo headquarters…

Above: How Nintendo thinks of the Virtual Boy

Speaking of the Switch sales…

Remember when people said the Switch, on its unveiling on January 13, 2017, had a ‘terrible software line-up’, that old Malstrom here said, “No! It has a great line-up! There is stuff here even I want to buy!” Remember how the Internet trashed poor Super Bomberman R before launch, calling it a ‘hot mess’, and all? While the game had problems that needed patching, the sales show that people wanted Bomberman. Remember how people said Zelda was ‘fine’, that its sales were actually ‘good’, yet here I kept saying it should look back to the early Zeldas, should go back to its RPG/arcade roots, and should get rid of all Aonuma-isms? “Remember when Zelda was a system seller, and when other game companies would copy it? No one wants to copy Aonuma Zelda because it is sales death.” Lo and behold Breath of the Wild rocketing the Switch in a way rivaling Wii Sports or Super Mario Brothers.

Why do I mention this? This site was never to get money or fame, it was to get quality gaming back as we saw in the ‘Golden Age’ of years gone by. “But it is just nostalgia. Every generation says that.” Yeah, Nintendo said that too. Then they actually go ahead and make something like Breath of the Wild and WHOOOOOSSHHHH! Switch sales go out the window! They put out NES Mini and WHOOOSSSHHH! NES Classic Mini remains forever sold out.

For example, I like Metroid. I want more QUALITY Metroid. Metroid Other M and Metroid Federation Force are not what we want. I would say, “Look to the original Metroid. Look to Super Metroid.” Am I speaking of nostalgia? Or of quality?

Not too many people remember Nintendo’s Golden Age games when they weren’t kids. I remember buying Super Mario Kart ON LAUNCH DAY. Everyone made fun of me. But I knew. Back then, buying games was more expensive than today. You rented first. I bought without playing. I knew. Soon, everyone wanted to borrow my Super Mario Kart. Super Mario Kart would become the best selling game for the SNES.

I just bought Mario Kart for Switch. I haven’t played it. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow because I have multiple jobs. In fact, I don’t get a day off.

Mario Kart is the only Nintendo franchise they haven’t royally fucked up. Perhaps it is due to how well racing translates to 3d or how the nature of Mario Kart is easy to understand. In an alternate reality, I am sure Nintendo screwed up Mario Kart like they did Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. Luckily, we don’t live in that universe.



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