Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 6, 2017

Designed for Malstrom Gamer: 2DS XL

I love how the 3DS product line went from 3DS to 2DS XL hahaha.

This is the Last Great DS. I already own 3 DS systems. I might as well own a fourth one.

This does give GBA Micro flashbacks though.

Who does care about the 3d? No one. Good riddance.

“I am amazed how much lighter it is!”

3d was a failure and almost destroyed Nintendo’s handheld line.

I can only think of three games I want on it:


Zelda: Link Between Worlds

Mario Maker

Hyrule Warriors

Bravely Default

Dragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VIII

If any of these appear on Switch at E3, I’ll get it then.

But the fact that 2DS XL plays ALL my DS games means I get to play my Chrono Trigger and Castlevania and Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games on the go.

This 2DS XL was designed for people like me who are hostile to the 3d but like the games. I might pick it up (with some games). Nintendo is really taking my money this year.



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