Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 20, 2017

Zelda is Open World Gaming. Zelda 2 is more Zelda than anything between OoT-BoW

Take a look at this gaming message forum thread. The poor gamer, perhaps sobbing when typing it, asks the Internet why they hate the game he loves: Zelda 2. He says not only he loved it, all his friends loved it too. If you look at the sales, Zelda 2 sold very strongly. “But Miyamoto doesn’t like it…” Miyamoto thinks even Super Mario Brothers 3 is badly designed. Miyamoto knows shit from the consumer side which is why Nintendo goes through its dark ages (i.e. when Nintendo devs stop thinking they are geniuses and stop considering consumer feedback. See ‘Virtual Boy’, ‘Gamecube’, ‘N64’, ‘Wii U’, and ‘3DS’ for such examples).

Zelda 2 has an Open World where you, the magnificent player, progresses via himself. You gain levels via experience like in a RPG. You get new spells and items. In some ways, Zelda 2 is like an Open World Metroid RPG. But Zelda 2 is more Zelda than, say, Twilight Princess or Wind Waker. Zelda 2 actually has an open world and has RPG roots which is Zelda.

Breath of the Wild has come and gone, and people still don’t understand Zelda. It fascinates me how these hardcore gamers can be so stupid. Breath of the Wild is ‘open world’ with ‘RPG conventions’ and, viola, sales and review juggernaut. Zelda 1 and Zelda 2 are very much identical in that respect.

I think we’re coming to a point where gamers do not understand the games they are playing. Casinos rely on this ignorance. So too will the Game Industry.

Zelda 2 does do one thing differently from every other Zelda game that no one mentions: scaling. Zelda 2 does not scale while all the other Zelda games do. Scaling means everything is on the overworld (except dungeons and caves. Even BoW cannot put the Hyrule Castle or Shrine levels in the overworld. Non-scaling means in Zelda 2, when Link walks over to a town, you go to a new scale. When Link gets hit by a monster, it goes to another screen. I seriously doubt THAT is the issue people have.

I think it all comes down to Zelda 2 haters just plain sucking at the game. Only Breath of the Wild early game can remotely compare to the intensity of Zelda 2.

Consider the original NES Metroid. People today say it is ‘terrible’. Is it? Or are you terrible? What sucks in NES Metroid are the passwords, the slow, slow refilling your life and missiles, and the lack of a map screen. But there are maps on the Internet and there are save states. So get good. Metroid has always been designed for experienced players. The intention is to be difficult on the 8-bit standard. Today, gamers are such pansies that Super Mario Brothers is considered hardcore to them where in the 8-bit standard, it was considered the child’s game.

Anyway, work continues on my future articles concerning Origin of open world gaming. You will see. You will never see RPG gaming in the same way again. Ba ha ha ha ha!



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