Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 22, 2017

Ultima 6 still holds up

It  has been forever since I played Ultima 6. I probably stayed away from the game due to the interface. If you use Nuvie, you can have Ultima 7 drag-and-drop interface. You double click a dead body and you see all the items in a graphical box like in U7.

At first, I was very frustrated by the bad graphics, annoying music, and all. But Ultima 6 is an inspiration for Breath of the Wild’s open world (has to be!), so Ultima 6 is this vast sandbox where you can do the plot in a non-linear way. Or you can just go about the world and mess around.

Strangely, I found the game increasingly addictive. I would play hours at a time. Not BoW “Wow!” addictive, but that game came out a few months ago while Ultima 6 came out in 1990 (27 years ago!!!!!). Before the SNES came out, I was playing Ultima 6. And to this day, I wonder why RPGs today are nowhere near as much fun as this.

I can only replay Ultima VII so many times. And speaking of U7, found this interesting Gaming Forum thread.

Here is a review of Ultima 6 that I found.

Above: Remember folks, this game came out in 1990. This was 8-bit NES era.

Somehow, Sherry the Mouse became my most powerful warrior. She is Mouse of Death now.

I didn’t realize you could pay the gypsies for sex. Imagine what happens when Sherry the Mouse is the lead in the party when you do this!!!

And I didn’t realize when you pickpocket animals, you could take meat off them! Weird game! So good.



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