Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 23, 2017

Email: Microsoft and first party problems

I came across a short article in Game Informer about the Xbox’s lack of true exclusives. Any intelligent person knows people buy consoles for games. Zelda: BoTW proved that.
While Sony despite most of their exclusives not moving hardware, at least keeps trying to give people a reason to own one as opposed to just having a gaming PC. Microsoft keeps dropping real exclusives. Halo and Gears of war were passed off to second rate studios. Stuff like Fable Legends and Scalebound got cancelled. It also doesn’t help that most Xbox exclusives are on PC as well. I don’t get why anyone who bought an Xbox One at launch would turn around and buy a Scorpio. At that point you might as well just invest in a gaming PC.

Never mind that any studio under MS seems to die or run away. Former Rare developers got out while the getting was good. In Yooka Laylee apparently the villain is a giant corporate overlord who wants to control everything. Wonder who they’re referring to?

MS doesn’t get it. The only reason the original Xbox didn’t completely Tank was Halo. People bought Xboxes for Halo but the 360 mostly thrived on Call of Duty and Madden.

Honestly I think if MS could charge PC gamers for online play, they’d drop the Xbox in a heartbeat.


You make a game console in order to outsell all the other consoles. There is no known console manufacturer that made a console just to chase a niche except for one: SNK and the Neo Geo. The Neo Geo with its $100 cartridges were never intended for the mass market. Every other console, including the 3DO and cd-i, WERE intended to be the new NES.

Xbox can only sell in English speaking countries. Xbox does very well in United States and the UK (not sure about Australia). Xbox cannot sell in Asia or most of Europe. I don’t think Xbox does that well in Mexico.

Microsoft knows it cannot win. And Microsoft tried. Microsoft threw billions at the Xbox project.

Also, the Sony threat is no longer existent. Remember that the Xbox Franchise is a defense strategy against Sony’s takeover of digital entertainment. The Xbox 360 was released in 2006.

What was released in 2007? The iPhone.

To Microsoft’s astonishment, Apple entered resurrection and took over digital entertainment and mobile entertainment.

Why did Sony’s PSP die? Aside from DS, PSP’s strength was its digital entertainment. iPods and iPhones absolutely destroyed that PSP advantage. Only reason to buy a PSP or Vita was for the games which meant Sony had to compete directly with Nintendo’s handhelds instead of use digital entertainment to ‘outsell’ Nintendo.

Microsoft’s First Party is irrelevant because Microsoft has no intention of winning the Console War anymore. Microsoft is not going to Dreamcast itself. It still wants to service existing Xbox fanbase. But the Xbox Franchise is now more like Microsoft Mobile. Xbox is no longer a gaming ‘culture’. It is just an electronic box that plays games which can be played on almost any system.

We’ll see how Microsoft plays with Scorpio. That will be the deciding role. If Scorpio is presented as just a box, then stick a fork in the Xbox Franchise. It’ll be done and ready for the Console Graveyard.

Generation 9 could be just Sony Vs. Nintendo.

Home console Vs. Handheld

Who owns the future?

It’s gonna be Handheld. Sony is stuck in a box. Watch for them to make a Switch like product soon in order to get out of their box.



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