Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 27, 2017

Finished Ultima 6

It’s been over a decade or two since I completed this game.

Ultima 6 is an open world game where you can do anything. Ultima 6 is like Breath of the Wild and has been directly compared to in Time magazine.


  1. Use Nuvie. In the options, it will allow you to use Ultima 7 style inventory for bags and bodies. It will also allow click and drag for inventory. It smooths out the most annoying of Ultima 6 issues.
  2. Dupre is very strong. Have him carry a skiff throughout the game. You will need it!
  3. Get Dispel Magic, Unlock Magic, and Telekinesis for spells and their reagents.
  4. Free the shrines last as your party will be stronger.
  5. Characters strong in dexterity make better warriors. They move faster and have better hit rates.
  6. Ranged weapons do best. Use bows, crossbows, and wands. Sherry with a lightning wand is a very, very scary thing as she starts off with 27 dexterity.
  7. Get the rune and mantra BEFORE you slaughter the gargoyle army at the shrine or else you cannot free the forcefield, and the army will reappear.
  8. Keep all the moonstones in a bag on the avatar until you get the Vortex Cube.
  9. There are many ways to get gold, but buy magic armor at Trinsic.

Ultima 6 with Nuvie plays like a prototype of Ultima 7. Ultima 7 fans should check out 6 again because you can only replay Ultima 7 so many times.



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