Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 3, 2017

Email: Sony’s Next System


The Unreal Engine on the Switch has done more for third party Switch support than we will ever know.

Here’s another way to look at Nintendo hardware.

On home consoles, Nintendo used to do “MORE POWER” type tagline for their hardware. However, this stopped when Sega dropped out of the home consoles. Nintendo never did MORE POWER anymore.

Nintendo’s history of handhelds had a straight design… with the exceptions being the DS and 3DS. What else is in that exception? Sony as a handheld competitor. With Sony out of the handheld space, Nintendo returns to the straight design of a single screen and less doodads.

Is it all correlation and coincidence? I don’t know. Something to consider.

Sony’s ‘advantage’ is their leverage of being an entertainment company. Sony throws in its movies, music, etc. all on its game systems. Sony was crippled in the handheld systems not because of Nintendo but because of Apple. Apple made the video iPod and then iPhone. The smartphone revolution destroyed Sony’s handhelds. It did not destroy Nintendo.

I see Sony in a tough space. Aside from Nintendo leveraging handheld side to work for them in the home console space, Sony is directly competing with PC gaming. Add in the growing irrelevance of the television in the living room, Sony needs to get out of a shrinking hole.

I’d like to see PC gaming disrupt Sony’s home console for a change.



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