Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 4, 2017


Once upon a time at Nintendo, during the development of a game, the Nintendo employee got filled with anxiety. To relieve his comrade, another Nintendo employee emailed him pictures of kittens to soothe and calm his co-worker. Upon hearing this, President Iwata bellowed, “You should not use company email for cat pictures!!!”

Saddened by this, and knowing E3 creates the largest anxiety in gaming companies, I, Master Malstrom, have come to save the day with our little tradition. Before every E3, I put up pictures of kittens to soothe and help the poor overworked Nintendo employees. Nintendo’s email system will not be filled up with kitten pictures. Now, Nintendo employees can come to the Malstrom page and get their kitten fix by viewing the cat photos.

This year we are doing videos! *meow*



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