Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 4, 2017

Email: The Coming Storm


I wanted to air my thoughts before the upcoming E3, and see how it stacks up with reality.

The HD port of Monster Hunter is interesting. One: it, along with Splatoon 2, will create and satisfy the local handheld multiplayer constituency in Japan. It also puts eyes on Pokémon and Nintendo’s online services.

Sun and Moon’s art assets were designed to scale to HD very well; an HD port (or 3rd version) has already been heavily predicted. Sun and Moon are more Twilight Princess than BotW for the series, benefiting from the hype of PoGo just as TP did from the Wii, and both had genuine attempts to reform the series bogged down by story and hand holding. Pokemon the single player JRPG, Pokemon the customizable, emergent, non-linear JRPG, is not as healthy as it once was. However, Pokemon the Social JRPG, the versus RPG — Pokemon the Anti-MMO –, that is healthier than it has ever been. That leads into Nintendo’s online service.

If MHXX and a Pokemon HD, along with MK8D, ARMS, and Splatoon release before or near the release of the paid online service, Nintendo will have no problem getting people to subscribe. The Cross play of MHXX and possibly Pokemon HD means that subscribers have no fear of paying for a service only to find that no one’s online. MHXX therefore won’t flop. Successful multiplayer games releasing before the service means players will find their beloved online games held hostage. I think Nintendo will get away with it even if the service’s features are lacking.

Nintendo’s E3 conference will begin with Super Mario Odyssey. We’ll get a hint to if BotW is indicative of a grand Lapsed Gamer strategy, or just a fluke. I think SMO will just be a good 3D Mario game, however. I don’t see the return of Mario Mania coming from it. Maybe Nintendo has another Mario up its sleeve though?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say we’ll get a Metroid game, but it won’t come from Retro. Reggie has pretty heavily implied we’ll get one, but I have a hard time seeing Nintendo okaying such a long development period for an IP that has never sold extremely well. On the other hand, if such a game was meant to be released a year or so ago but was delayed before it was released to become a switch title, then Federation Force would retroactively become less confusing and insulting.


We’ll get a Metroid game via Retro, though I wonder if Metroid Prime Collection will be remastered.

We’ll get Smash 4 on Switch.

Mario Odyssey will be Nintendo’s game of the show.

Skyrim will make a big showing on Switch.

Square-Enix will show some stuff. I am hoping for a Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders. Octopath or whatever it is may be shown more.

Above: Looks way better than Western AAA gaming…

Xenoblade 2 will be shown.

I think there will be a First Party game for each month concluding with Mario Odyssey (a November release?).

I hope Pikmin doesn’t show because Pikmin needs to die. Unfortunately, Pikmin 4 will be shown.

Still waiting for Star Tropics 3. Where is it, Nintendo? Nah, just joking. If Star Tropics was made like Breath of the Wild, oh boy. Hey, why not use BoW “Wow!”‘s engine for Star Tropics 3? But Nintendo doesn’t understand. Since Link can jump in BoW “Wow!”, it would work well for Mike. But Star Tropics isn’t ‘anime enough’ for Nintendo in JapanLand.

I don’t really do predictions. I think the first party titles will be the second act of their launch line-up. If you like Nintendo’s launch titles so far, you will like what comes next. But Odyssey will be the star of the show.

I am more interested in the third party showings. Probably too early to see the Switch ramifications for third parties to appear, but they are bound to appear. Especially the indie ones.

This was the 3DS E3 preview. What should be noted is that 3DS, like Switch, launched during March. How much can a E3 show to a console just launched?



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