Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 6, 2017

Email: ALL of the Malstrom Picks available on GOG are on sale

Greetings Master Malstrom,

GOG is having their summer sale. 1500 of their almost 2000 games are on sale. Many of the classics have deep discounts.

Of the Five:
Master of Magic
Master of Orion 1+2
Ultima Series

Of the Sub-Five:
Alpha Centauri
Civilization 3
Unreal Series
Rogue Legacy

Only one that is not on sale is Star Control. However, Starflight 1+2 is on sale.

Even Giana Sisters, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Blood, and Wing Commander are on sale. As well as a bunch of others.

I’ve been watching sales at GOG like a hawk ever since you gave me the secondary five, and this is the biggest and best deal I’ve ever seen.

Thank you for inspiring the love of classic PC gaming. I even have a couple of my friends playing Ultima and Alpha Centauri!

There is so much good stuff here. What more can be said?



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