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Hardcore Meltdown over Switch life-span

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Super Hardcore Gamer Meltdown Imminent.

Please evacuate the Internet!!!!



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Dear reader,

Our good friends, the hardcore gamerz, have gone berzerk. They are jumping off of rooftops as we speak.

“Why is this?” asks the gentle, playful, innocent reader. “What could happen to our good friends, the hardcore, to have them react this way?”

Well, not much, as it doesn’t take much to set them off. But in this case, it was caused by The Miyamoto. I listen to the hardcore because they live in an alternative universe. I am a huge fan of science fiction, and the universe the hardcore live is quite interesting and fantastical. In this Alternative Universe, Wii was just a ‘fad’, sold only to ‘grandma’, and so on.

Hardcore have been very quiet with the Switch’s success. They can’t say Switch isn’t selling due to ‘Real Games’. They aren’t even calling Switch a fad. It’s like the hardcore don’t know what to think.

But the hardcore do listen and worship to The Miyamoto. The Miyamoto appeared before the crowds and said,

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Miyamoto said he hopes the Switch can become even more popular in 2020 than it is today.

He also said that he believes the console could have a longer lifespan than 5 years, which tends to be the norm for a console cycle.

And with that, the hardcore went mad. Just view the comments in the story. The idea of Switch lasting longer than 5 years and selling better years from now punctured their Alternative Universe. They completely flipped out!!!

What Miyamoto is saying is right on. The market determines how long a console lasts. If the market wants the console, there is no reason to jettison the console if there is such market demand. The market may, very well, want Switch past five years.

“But… but…” a frantic hardcore gamer grasps at straws, “Miyamoto is referring to Switch as a brand. He means there will be hardware revisions… right?”

Nope. The only hardware revisions Nintendo will do will be to use cheaper components. I can see the Joycons being replaced by cheaper hardware. The New 3DS has more to do with how terribly designed the original 3DS was and how it was always in market trouble (it was if you compare it to DS and Gameboy line).

I think the hardcore truly believed Switch was a Generation 8 console to parade beside PS4 and ‘All-in-one, Xbox One!’. Switch was nothing more than a Wii U redo, to the hardcore. Whenever someone pointed out that Switch was Generation 9, the hardcore would squeal and say, “Generations are only Wikipedia invention!” No. Generations are a market invention. What Miyamoto is saying is that Switch is the Next-Gen console after Wii U and 3DS. This is why the hardcore are going bonkers.

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Above: Generation 9!!!

In the year 2020, which Miyamoto hopes Switch will be more popular than even today, PS4 will be SEVEN years old. Let’s just say that will not happen. PS4 will be gone, and PS5 will be there. PS5 will go after the Switch as both will be Gen 9 consoles. The question is whether or not PS5 will resemble a Switch.

Poor hardcore! They invented the ‘casual gamers’ in order to cope with Generation 7. With Generation 8, it seemed like the Game Universe had returned to its proper alignment and order with the exception of Vita. But with Generation 9, which they deny has already started, they do not know what to think.



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