Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 13, 2017

Email: Designed for Children

“Mario Odyssey looks terrible. I’m not a fan of 3d Mario, but even I was excited for Mario Galaxy. Mario Odyssey looks insanely boring and designed for children.”

I hate to break it to you Malstrom, but Nintendo targets Mario at children, that doesn’t mean to say that adults don’t like Mario, it’s just that a game series that hasn’t had a naughty word or a boob shown in it because they know who they’re targeting for.

‘Nintendo is going to where the kids are’. I remember you wrote that article, and that is exactly what they’re doing, and yet you complain about it? “I was talking about smartphones and tablets”, so they’re making the software for it (ie Switch). Software sells hardware remember? This isn’t my logic, this is yours. It’s okay to find it insanely boring (I think Bloodborne is a snooze fest), but that “designed for children” bit made me frown a little, something I do very VERY rarely when I read your blog.

Nintendo’s stated mission is to make software for everyone. I am included with ‘everyone’.

The 3d Mario games make me extremely uncomfortable especially with their dialogue and NPCs. Then again, Zelda BoW “Wow” dialogue and NPCs were terrible too, but they didn’t make me feel like I was in the child’s park.

I remember when Mario was cool. He started to become lame going through the 16 bit gen, but it was the 64 bit era that Mario really became lame. Then there was Super Mario Sunshine and we got THIS:

No way would I ever touch that product. I’m getting a similar vibe from Odyssey.



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