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Email: New Metroid looks like garbage

I was hoping Nintendo would do better with their first party stuff for E3 but so far you’re right in your assessment that third party will likely steal the spotlight, or be more likely to.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that the new Metroid game looks bad. I don’t know if you played AM2R but I went through it last year and LOVED it. More than a few people were upset when Nintendo Ceased and Desisted the guy that made it. Now we can all see why that is. The bad thing is that AM2R looks a LOT better than this crap. This new game’s graphics suck, and the art style is bad. And the thing is….there’s NO EXCUSE FOR THIS.

Look at how well platformers do in terms of funding on Kickstarter. Mighty No. 9 was garbage, but look at how quick people were to fund that. Same with Bloodstained. Have you seen how THAT looks? A million times better than Samus Returns! What I’m saying is that there’s no reason for Nintendo NOT to know that we want a proper, high-quality 2D platforming Metroid that LOOKS COOL. I’m not sure if Nintendo just wanted to crap out a game real quick or what? The gameplay looks wrong. It reminds me of Other M, that’s probably the thing that stuck out the most to me. It’s “2D” but the game seems to stop to show you “OMG COOL” cutscenes that interrupt the flow of gameplay. There also seems to be some new mechanic of parrying enemies and blasting them. It seems it wants to be more “spectacle” rather than substance.

What I really liked about AM2R was that it was a love letter from a fan, and tied the other games together into it (along with the Prime games, quite a bit actually) and added lore into the game, which was cool, all while feeling very distinct from the other games (you don’t have the same kind of “elements” in the environment like the other games). Will this game do that, and if it does, will it suck?

Anyways, I’m looking forward to more third party announcements for Nintendo than first party, that’s for sure.


This has nothing to do with Metroid. This has everything to do with Sakamoto.

Sakamoto destroyed the Metroid story line with Fusion.

Sakamoto has resorted to ret-conning old Metroids such as with Zero Mission.

Sakamoto destroyed the entire Metroid franchise with Metroid: Other M.

Now Sakamoto is back to ret-conning old Metroids, this time with Metroid 2.

It will have cutscenes because Sakamoto believes he is genius movie director.

It was have explanations of Chozo and Metroids because Sakamoto believes he is genius creative mind.

It will have everything about Metroid you don’t give a shit about.

The question I have is,

“What does a Nintendo director have to do to be removed from a game series?”

Destroying the lore doesn’t do it. (Fusion)

Destroying the franchise doesn’t do it. (Other M)

The only bright spot in the entire Metroid franchise since Super Metroid has been the Metroid Prime series which Sakamoto has no say. Metroid Prime remains the best selling Metroid game. And it sold on Gamecube!! Meanwhile, Sakamoto has the install base of Wii and his game sells like shit.

We learned from Aonuma’s interview that you don’t have to have any gaming experience whatsoever to be hired as game director at Nintendo. What we’re learning with Sakamoto is that product performance means nothing.

I suspect Nintendo thinks we will all buy it because “2d Metroid.”

What do Nintendo fans want with a 2d Metroid? Well, start with Super Metroid but with HD graphics and modern atmosphere effects. Similar Super Metroid map, but then add MUCH MORE.

“But Malstrom!”cries the reader. “That would never work. It all has to be brand new.”

Super Metroid is nothing but 8-bit Metroid, spruced up in graphics and modern controls, still at Zebes but with additional areas. Super Metroid turned out all right. Why not Ultra Metroid?

As far as a 3d game goes, use the Zelda BoW “Wow!” engine. The Havok engine even has the ball physics already baked in. Most of the work is already done. The ‘shrines’ would be elevators that take you down to different areas like in the original. Game world is already open air and would work great with space jump. Open World Metroid. DO IT!

It is so odd that Metroid Prime 4 was announced to be in development. Nintendo doesn’t announce games in development. Maybe Nintendo saw the Sakamoto Train Wreck coming with Metroid 2. Or maybe Nintendo saw the reaction to Zelda BoW “Wow!” and wishes to reuse the expensive engine to make a game people want to buy.



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