Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 13, 2017

Nintendo must be confused about the Metroid reaction

It’s because Nintendo doesn’t understand Metroid. All Nintendo understands is anime and child-like amusement.

Nintendo doesn’t understand we think 2d Metroid is a work of beauty and shouldn’t be on seven year old hardware on a small tiny resolution.

Nintendo doesn’t understand that Sakamoto doesn’t understand Metroid. Sakamoto destroyed the storyline with Fusion, retconned with Zero Mission, destroyed the franchise with Other M, and is now shitting on all of us with the remake.

Does Sakamoto even watch the Alien movies? Has he seen Prometheus or Alien Covenant? You’d think they could take some inspiration at least aesthetically. Sakamoto has shown he doesn’t have the talent. He keeps failing with these games, why doesn’t Nintendo place 2d Metroid with someone else?

Why is Sakamoto allowed to get near Metroid after the huge, huge Metroid Other M disaster?

At least the two new Metroid amibos look cool.



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