Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 14, 2017

Email: E3 Impressions

Overall I thought E3 was disappointing. I am glad that we are getting Metroid Prime 4, but I am quit worried if Retro is not making it. The 3ds Metroid game shows that Nintendo does not understand Metroid. The melee combat shows that Sakamoto is trying make Samus a ninja again. It is sad when a fan game AM2R looks and feels more Metroid than Nintendo’s version. I agree with you that Nintendo doesn’t understand Mario. Odyssey looks really bad. I think in Odyssey the ability to turn into objects will break the core of Mario, which is run and jump. I also hate the show tune music and lack of any cohesion to the world. I am disappointment by Ubisoft’s switch support. It does not seem like Nintendo is getting much for handing over Mario. The Mario/Rabbids game does not look as bad as I thought, but still not interesting for me. I think the Starlink game will be doa because of the toys. Fire Emblem Warriors looks ok, but would rather have Hyrule Warriors or hopefully Dragon Quest Heroes soon. Rocket League is huge for Switch. I have been playing Rocket League on pc for a while, its highly addictive. It will be great on the go and will do wonders for getting people aboard Nintendo’s online service.


I agree with Odyssey breaking the core of Mario which is run and jump. They keep trying to make Mario more interesting where they need to make his worlds and enemies more interesting. The ‘areas’ of Odyssey look extremely boring.

Above: Ahh, pipe world! Super Mario Brothers 3 is the Game of the Forever.



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