Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 14, 2017

Email: My E3 response

A few things, and a response to the recent emailer:

Mario Odyssey doesn’t look very fun, and I’ve played all the 3D Mario games. The content is incredibly strange. Putting Mario in the real world – at least the way Nintendo is doing it here – gives me a creepy vibe like that one Sonic game (maybe there was more than one) where Sonic was in the real world. I don’t see excellent 3D platforming like I did in Mario Galaxy. However, some stuff wasn’t too bad, like the indoor pyramid/sand stuff (I think that’s what I saw).

The remake of Metroid II has me worried. As soon as I saw it I instantly got that awful western AAA gaming industry taste in my mouth. I know why too. The developer is the same one who made that awful Castlevania game for the 3DS (Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate). The slow motion stuff and the ninja stuff just don’t look right. Samus isn’t supposed to be a ninja. I don’t have faith in this game, and I’m not sure I want to buy it. I didn’t buy Zero Mission.

It worries me that Metroid Prime 4 isn’t being made by Retro. I know that a new studio always has the potential to do a good job, but we don’t know who it is yet. What if it’s the developer behind Federation Force or one of those Yoshi games?

I agree third parties are stealing the show from Nintendo. That’s fine by me. I’m loving Ultra Street Fighter, I’ll be getting Splatoon 2, and there are tons of indie games I want, as well as Sonic Mania. Wait until Sega sees that Sonic Mania has crushed its stupid new 3D entry. That’ll be a joy to watch. I’m not even much of a Sonic fan but I enjoy the classic 2D stuff, not the post-Saturn era garbage.

I’ll probably get Rocket League. I’d like an FPS (NOT Call of Duty) with motion controls.

To respond to that recent emailer, Mario Odyssey does in fact look childish. There is a difference between appealing to children and making something childish. The NES Super Mario Bros. games appealed to children while also appealing to adults. They weren’t childish games. Super Mario Sunshine was childish. Nintendo should not be doing things that alienate adults. They should have learned that lesson from the N64 and GameCube eras.

If Nintendo truly is listening to your blog (and they sure as hell were with regards to Zelda!), then 2D Mario has the potential to steal the spotlight next year (it should be unveiled by then, or 2019 at the latest), assuming Nintendo ditches the “New” Super Mario theme and tries to put some real effort into the content for once. Since Nintendo already announced a new 2D Yoshi and Kirby game, I fully expect a new 2D Mario.


But Nintendo doesn’t want more 2d Mario. Look how hard it was to get them to focus on the original Zelda again. What Nintendo is thinking is, “Those who like games like 2d Mario should like Kirby, for Kirby is 2d with co-op!” This is the shit we get. It is like SNES where we got Donkey Kong Country games instead of Super Mario Brothers 5.

Miyamoto is on record, as far back as the late 1980s, as saying that Super Mario Brothers 3 is ‘further exploration of the Mushroom Kingdom’ while Mario 1 was the introduction to the worlds. THAT is what we want. We want to explore the Mushroom Kingdom more. That content is so rich, it fuels all the Mario Kart games and the endless Mario spin-offs. 2d Mario needs adventure! I think they know this, but they don’t want to make more 2d Mario perhaps because they are too scared of the expectations.

Interesting you love Ultra SF II as I heard another who likes it.

I think third parties are going to save Nintendo’s Generation 9 ass this time around. Rocket League, Minecraft, and Skyrim are going to sell!



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