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Email: Nintendo understands Samus even less than they understand Link

I believe that the overwhelming majority of Metroid fans when they think of Samus Aran don’t think of an over emotional girly girl or a sex symbol or a tom boy radical feminist or any other stupid shit dreamed up by otaku hentai pervs or the rest of the busybody fussy and prissy twinks and cucks on the idiot filled online gaming message forums.

We don’t even think of her in so crass of terms such as “badass” even though she in fact is.

No, when we REALLY consider the character for what the best of the Metroid games conveyed to us about her ie Metroid, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, etc is that she is an aesthetic warrior, respecter of all life (think the Cornelius Priest character from the Fifth Element), a hermetic/loner bounty hunter who has no time for the boorish shit that standard humanity + standard average females passes their time with such as national politics, drama and gossip or all the so called reality TV shows sans slop such as: “Keeping up with the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo or Desperate Housewives” and the like, etc, etc.

She is not a sex symbol nor should she be perceived as such.

She also is not supposed to come across like Link which means she’s not a vessel for us to impart our own personality’s onto.

What she is, is a woman singularly focused on a few of the hobbies that interest her much like the real life Sue Aikans woman whom similar to Samus places herself into dangerous environments whose nickname is “Below Zero Sue” because said environments tend to be brutally cold.

So the only real difference between Sue and Samus other than age and that one is fictional and the other real is that Sue’s preferred dangerous environment is right here on earth while Samus’s lie in the cold depths of outer space.

Samus isn’t looking for a relationship with the right man, woman or space alien, Samus just wants to test her mettle in extreme environments and pacify areas of the galaxy she is contracted to.

What her character conveys is much like the North Pond Hermit Christopher Thomas Knight she prefers being far away from people/humans/humanity than close to them.

Though one point I disagree with you about Malstrom and sort of semi side with Sakamoto (but not overly so) is that I believe Samus is the semi version of Steve Irwin or his daughter Bindi in that she’s a big animal lover or at least lover of space creatures so any maternal instincts she may have (or love in her heart) were for the Metroid that helped her defeat Mother Brain in Super Metroid and who lost it’s life in the process.

In conclusion before I digress further:

Samus would be avoidant personality by choice rather than the disordered version.

Samus is not anti social since that is often mistaken for avoidant personality and really is a more polite way of saying someone is a psychopath/sociopath and thus harmful to humanity ie “anti social”. Samus is again not harmful to humanity as a person but someone whose seen enough to not want to engage in anymore time with her fellow humans than she has to.

Which is why…and I’m coming back to agreement with you now…that Other M and Metroid Fusion were storyline retconning, Nintendo misunderstanding, Sakamoto abominations.

Samus is not a romance novel kind of female or a butch tom boy archetype.

Again she is moreso hermetic in a religious sense of the term and aesthetic in the sense of preserving the harmony in the universe by using her “beautiful” warrior skills to pacify the galaxy’s harshest elements.

Everything I’ve said of course is opinion and cannot be conclusively proven but this is what I FEEL the character of Samus conveys when I’ve played all of the Metroid series arguably “best” games.


Notice how Sakamoto keeps trying to remove Samus’s suit? Zero Mission completely removed Samus’s suit and made her ninja. Fusion new Samus was removing her suit (they cut it off). In Other M, Samus cutscenes and all were about Samus as a woman.

Metroid games are a story, but it is a story about the suit. The SUIT starts off with nothing and is crappy. But the SUIT gets stronger, better, and you can even upgrade it to VARIA suit (ooohhhhh) or GRAVITY suit (aaaaaahhhhhh). When you get missile and energy tank upgrades, you are getting SUIT upgrades!

The hero is the suit. Samus happens to be the pretty girl inside it. Even the Metroids aren’t that interesting as they have to keep evolving and mutating (Metroid 2, etc.) in order to keep up with the growing-in-power SUIT.

Above: A Story About a Suit = Metroid. Hell ya!



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