Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 17, 2017

Conspicuously missing from E3


Hi Malstrom,

There is one game that Nintendo set up perfectly to reveal this E3 and they didn’t: the next 2D Mario. Just look at what they’ve been doing with their mobile games. They release Pokemon Go, and then Pokemon sales and 3DS sales skyrocket. They also have Miitomo and the Fire Emblem mobile games, and they have Miitopia and Fire Emblem games to go with those. But they also have Super Mario Run. Where is the 2D Mario game for the Switch? This is the perfect time for it. Millions of people have bought Super Mario Run, and many millions more downloaded the first few levels for free. Also Mario is really the only other game that can excite people on the level of Pokemon. Miitomo and Fire Emblem are not in the same league. It looks like they are sabotaging their whole mobile strategy just because they hate to make 2D Mario that much.


Super Mario Maker was made so that another 2d Mario will never have to be made again. Note the absence of a Zelda maker or Metroid maker. Then we could fire Aonuma and Sakamoto as those fan creations would be superior to anything they would make.




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