Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 17, 2017

Email: Sony and Online Crossplay

Sony won’t allow online cross-play with Xbox and Switch players for Minecraft and Rocket League.

What do you think? I find it funny that it is Sony that is “behind the times” in online, and not Nintendo! And their excuses are really weak, since they allow cross play with PC gamers.

Sony likely does not see any major benefit for allowing crossplay with other consoles, mainly because they are in the “lead” and don’t need it. But I think it’s also about using the online community to differentiate the Playstation from other systems. They want to keep this genie in its lamp. If cross console cross play becomes the standard, its one less selling point Sony could use for the Playstation. Right now, they can say that buying a Playstation allows you to play with the millions of Playstation gamers. But if PC and Xbox and Switch players can also play with Playstation gamers, that’s one less reason to buy a Playstation.

Microsoft allows it because they were the underdog this gen and felt it’d be a good PR move against Sony. Nintendo allows it since they have other means of differentiating their consoles. If Sony allows it, the Playstation’s uniqueness withers away even more. However, I think Pandora’s box has been opened, and gamers are now gonna start demanding cross play in their games.

Anyways, allowing cross play with Xbox and PC players was a good move on Nintendo’s part. It makes the Switch version of Rocket League a safer buy, since you are guaranteed to have no trouble finding online matches on the Switch version.


I don’t think Nintendo sees Microsoft as a competitor. I don’t think Microsoft sees itself as a console competitor anymore as they go ‘multi-hardware’ with their game software.

PlayStation is very isolated. On the online side, you have Microsoft. On the mobile side, you have Nintendo. And then there is PC gaming. Unless Sony differentiates the PlayStation enough, it is going to be absorbed by one of those three areas.



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