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Email: Your Mario articles

Really helped open my eyes about the franchise a while back Malstrom.

Now that you’ve begun talking about Mario again I figured I’d share the revelation you helped me achieve.

I think in the past not just myself but most other gamers fell into a kind of mental trap whereby we thought to ourselves that once the Super Nintendo era came to an end we’d just have to accept the end of 2D side scrolling gaming as a “march of progress” kind of thing ie greater technology just necessitated the push to 3D EVERYTHING in our minds.

Sean, I remember being sad about this as it pertained to Mario thinking to myself at the time…

“Well that kinda sucks…I understand the move to greater technology that can create 3D graphics kinda necessitates a change in the videogames of the industry to 3D but I will miss that 2D Mario gameplay as I really loved SMB3 and Super Mario World”.

That was how my pre-teen or early teenager logic went at the time.

Then I basically forgot about the Mario series and moved onto the 3D games that I did like of the N64 era.

I never bought Mario 64 and it wasn’t directly out of spite of it’s change to 3D either but just at the time it didn’t particularly grab my attention or interest me like the previous 2D Mario games did.

Perhaps it was my mind unconsciously rejecting Mario in 3D as my soul/gut instinct what have you just knew it wouldn’t provide satisfactory gameplay to match or even top the 2D games of it’s ilk?

Anyway Super Mario Brothers 3 and Super Mario World both captured my imagination and desire to own them as they just oozed a magical quality whereas 3D Mario 64 I just went “Meh”.

Perhaps it was the 3D graphics and gameplay alone that were the turn off to Mario 64 or the LGBTBBQ pride parade “Waha!” squeals of our formerly universally beloved protagonist or the new art style but something about the new product was just offputting in a gag inducing way.

For years however Malstrom I got this idea into my head (probably from the idiot filled game forums) that Mario 64 was just this amazingly, mind blowing, classic Mario game that I just HAD to play and beat at some point in my life or my time as a gamer on this earth just wouldn’t be complete.

Yet, I confess to you Malstrom each time I try to get into a 3D Mario game whether its Mario 64, the Galaxy games or what have you I get so far and then get bored and turn them off and move onto better videogame entertainments.

So yeah just making the point to you and to re-iterate I think the move to the greater technological 3D era tricked a great deal of us gamers out there in a Matrix Agent Smith like sense that we had to accept the 3D revolution as the “sounds of inevitability” ie 2D gaming was out/dead and 3D gaming was in and thats just the way it was going to be from here on out.

Well with time we learned that 2D wasn’t exactly as dead as we’d been tricked or rather tricked ourselves to believe and now in our modern time of 2017 it really seems to be making a come back.

Interestingly enough Malstrom a few weeks ago Nintendo sent an online survey to me and I’m sure many others who are subscribed to them somehow or Nintendo club members or what have you and one of the survey’s questions was a very Malstromy:

“What version of Mario do you prefer 2D or 3D?”

Which of course I had to answer 2D.

I wish I could remember the survey’s questions in full but I believe it also touched on points about other Nintendo games you bring up on your blog here so as you continue to assert (and I believe) Nintendo MUST read your website as I don’t see any of your wise sentiments being made on the corrupt game journalist websites or their clueless idiot filled forums.

haha, that is awesome!

One big reason for the blog’s existence is that the game media, as well as our good friends, the hardcore, living in their message forums, make you scared or doubt the games you prefer. The best example of this is the game, Zelda II. Everywhere, it is declared ‘Zelda II is the black sheep of the family’. Despite it being ‘declared’, market reality tells us another thing. What market reality tells us is the true black sheep of the series is Zelda: Wind Waker. That game did not sell as it should! “But no,” you see, “Wind Waker was divine with its brilliant art style. You do not understand its greatness. Now read a gazillion posts in Gaming Message Forum about how amazing Wind Waker is.” It’s so ridiculous. These people are not living in reality.

Zelda used to be an Open World game with RPG elements. “No,” they said. “It is about story and puzzles.” Then Breath of the Wild comes out, and these people do not know what to say! It is funny!

Nintendo’s prime directive is making money. Zelda got its Breath of the Wild because Zelda franchise was in big trouble of becoming a laughing stock. Metroid is pretty much already there. Why they are letting Sakamoto have ANYTHING to do with Metroid now is incredible to me.

We know Retro makes good 2d games. We know Retro can satisfy Metroid fans. Solution: have Retro make 2d Metroid.

But Nintendo won’t allow that. It is like Nintendo is some sort of elderly club of Aonumas and Sakamotos where no one is given a crack at those franchises no matter how many games they screw up.

Look at the NES Mini. In your mind, I am sure you believe NES games are ‘old’ and no one wants to play them anymore. But NES Mini was sold out 100% of the time and will forever be so as Nintendo just pulled the plug from it. Why? It is a viable product that makes Nintendo money. The point is that there is something else going on here. Nintendo has an agenda beyond money here. It could be something as simple as game designers’ crazy egos. But it could be something else.

Note: I will get to the other E3 emails soon. I work multiple jobs. And I am currently in a hurricane. Please understand.

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