Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 29, 2017

Email: Snes Classic

In regards to why they are making it. Continuing the idea that these minis are for marketing, perhaps after the SNES is discontinued they will release the new online system with an online virtual console catalogue. The NES mini was discontinued right as Switch came out presumably to get people thinking about Nintendo and eager to pick something up, continuing the trend and using it to flog their shitty online makes sense to me. Especially as a Netflixesque service is exactly what they want, Nintendo seem to hate the idea of people buying a game and owning it for life, even when it’s no skin off there back. While people will complain about a £3 “upgrad fee” to play a digital game on another console, the media library is already widely accepted and would most likely be accepted well.

That’s my thoughts.

My thoughts are somewhat similar.

Assume the new Nintendo online service has a system where you can buy a digital game and always keep it OR a Netflix-esque streaming type service where you get these games as part of the service though never own them.

There is no Virtual Console for NES/SNES now since that would confuse the customer. Nintendo is CANNIBALIZING the “legacy content” as cheap hamburger software squeezed out for the online service.

As for the NES/SNES Classic? It is a cashgrab before the service is put into place. Apparently, once the service is in place, the NES/SNES classic may be unable to be something Nintendo could sell (i.e. as if Netflix was selling discs).

In other words, this may be the last, very last, time to officially buy these games without them being tied to an online ‘service’.



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