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Men are choosing video games over women, oh no!

Take a look at this article by Kyle Smith: We’re losing a whole generation of young men to video games.

Remember when we lost generations of young men to TV? To music? To books?

We DID lose generations of young men to World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam War, Iraq Wars, etc. But that is being literal, you know, reality based. As a columnist for the NY Post, Kyle Smith only has to manufacture words stringed in sentences hung about in paragraphs. Unlike an engineer or entrepreneur, who do have to abide by reality, his words do not have to do so.

The problem with the concept of ‘losing young men to video games’ is that there is a kernel of truth in it. These gentlemen are called the Hardcore Gamers. The Hardcore Gamer believes digital achievement is the same as real life achievement. We know who these people are, and we know how the Game Industry suckers them in.

But this is not who Kyle Smith is talking about. Here is the proof:

Women usually don’t go for men who are less successful than they are, so gaming is going to cause a surge in dissatisfaction among members of both sexes. Unemployed, or underemployed, men residing at Casa de la Mama whose major life skill involves pretend shoot-em-ups are not going to impress many ladies. Accomplished women are going to discover the competition for male peers even tougher than it is today, when there are about three women for every two men enrolled in college.

Poor young men! They do not know what is in their best self interest! Good thing we have NY Post columnist Kyle Smith to tell them what is in their best self interest.

“Accomplished women…” hahahahaha. You mean old women in massive college debt looking for a sugar daddy.



Happiness is not to be confused with fleeting pleasures delivered by artificial, drug-like stimulants.

This would be ‘love’.

Genuine life satisfaction is closely linked to the feelings of productivity we derive from doing jobs well and to the security of enduring close relationships, especially marriage.

Ny Post Columnist Kyle Smith is telling you gamers about how to achieve true life satisfaction: stop playing video games and marry up that used up fat woman with useless college degrees. Let us all give praise to Kyle Smith for informing us on how to obtain ‘true life satisfaction’.

Gamer zombies risk losing touch with both the world of work and with the potential for real human relationships. The parents and friends of these young men are doing them no favors by thinking, “I never see him anymore but he seems happy.”

He calls on parents and friends to go after gamers to stop them from being ‘happy’.

I read other columns by Kyle Smith. and he seems to be off in many of them.

In the book, “Game Over”, there was a story about how a man called the Nintendo Hotline for advice for his fiance. The fiance told him that he played Zelda too much. He either had to choose her or Zelda. The counselor told him to put down the game.

I made the other choice. I chose Zelda. And since then, I have had a blissful life full of video games. Married men hate my guts and look on me with envy. Even as recently as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a girlfriend told me, “Choose me or choose Zelda.” Okay! You’re gone! See how easy that is?

Video games used to be under assault for ‘violence programming of children’. This is gone. Now video games are going to be under assault for ‘making men happy and distracting them from not giving money to shitty women’. Mark. My. Words.

“Malstrom! Malstrom!” cries the reader. “What you say is preposterous. To think that a medium would be attacked for this? Come! Come! Use some sense!”

I use all the sense is possible, dear reader. Tell me, oh salient reader, what is the subject matter of nearly every music song?


And in movies and TV shows, do you not always see ‘romance’ highlighted as what the material and drama revolves around?

“I cannot disagree with that.”

And even shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation started off very cerebral until it became about ‘relationships’.

“You bring up an uncomfortable memory.”

Above: Star Trek became a relationship show, likely, deliberately so. And how does Whoopi Goldberg end up appear as a ‘wise sage’ out of nowhere? “Malstrom, relax,” says the reader watching the clip. “That is just stuff in an episode.” It’s the series FINALE… and they are obsessed over ‘relationships’. “Please join us for Poker.” GAACCKK!

Video games are not about romance. In other words, video games cannot be turned into ‘men, give all your money to women’ propaganda like movies, TV, and music can. Video games cannot program men about ‘LOVE’.

Expect pressure for the Game Industry to adopt ‘LOVE’ programming. When this discussion breaks out, bring up the greatest romance video game in history: Ms. Pac-Man.

Above: If blockbuster hit games about ‘love’ such as Ms. Pac-Man, Frogger (hopping on the female frogs), Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, and Legend of Zelda (rescuing the princess) do not turn men to marriage, then maybe it isn’t men who need to man up.



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